Saturday, March 19, 2005

Brain Damage and the "Ten Second Test"

The subject of brain damage from Electo-Convulsive 'Therapy' is a subject that the proponents of ECT like very much to avoid. When it is brought up they say things like "brain damage from ECT is just a myth" in an attempt to downplay the very idea of such a thing.
Well, I'd like you all here, irrespective of your backgrounds, your experiences, your professions, your medical, or lack of medical expertise to take the "Ten Second Test".
What is the "Ten Second Test"?
It is to contemplate for ten seconds whether or not up to 460 volts going from one side of your head to the other, or from the front of the head to the back would cause damage to a delicate organ that is used to working in millivolts... thousandths of a volt.
Done that?
Very good.
What on earth did they think caused the memory loss?
Occassionally you will also hear: "ah, but nowhere near all that electricity actually reaches the brain". Well, when you place an electrode on one temple and the other electrode on the other temple, and then hit the button... where is the electricity going to go if not through the brain?
Of course the electricity goes through the brain, and of course it causes brain damage.
Brain damage is not a side effect of ECT. Brain damage is the treatment.


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