Sunday, March 27, 2005

'Treatment' for Depression

Pat Butterfield is the founder of ECT Anonymous. She was depressed by the death of her Father. She went to a GP who recommended a psychiatrist who recommended ECT. She said:
"I can remember two people would come and get me and walk me past the hospital's offices to get to the room where they did it," she says. "I was deeply ashamed, I was in my night clothes and I was being frogmarched past all the office workers."
She added:
"I remember waking up and thinking that my head really, really hurt, and that I didin't know who I was or where I was.
"It robbed me of my memories. I only knew who my friends were because they kept coming in to see me.
"I lost all my confidence because I couldn't remember how to do things. I still have probems dealing with a lot of information.
"I used to be a multi-tasker, but I have problems even sorting things out in sequence now.
"I am also terrified of hospitals and doctors. I have never been back to one, I have never even been to see my GP since.
"I certainly did not give my informed consent to the procedure that I underwent. No-one told me what the side effects would be. No-one explained to me what would happen.
"I have never been able to go back to work, and I certainly wouldn't have got as far as I have without the help of my family and friends."


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