Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Big Pharma Corruption in Ireland

Couldn't dig out the names unfortunately, but it's a guaranteed source... straight from the horse's mouth. And I might add, not at this stage reported in the MM (mainstream media).

Following the lucrative tour of Ireland by Mr Fiorello, the head pharmacist for the whole Pennsylvania mental hospital system, who 'impartially' extolled the virtues of Zoloft before being nabbed and fined US$27,000- for being in the pocket of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, enquiries were made locally.

This has just resulted in two appointments from Ireland to the the new European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention being dumped by the Irish government. They were also discovered to be in the pocket of Big Pharma.


Blogger William Leeson said...

This has only ended in a pair of prearranged appointments via Ireland on the look here modern American Heart pertaining to Ailment Command along with Elimination staying trashed with the Irish govt.

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