Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Drug Companies in the Spotlight

Britain's House of Commons will be told this week by an official enquiry that Britain's multi BILLION POUND drug industry has created an over-medicalised society that believes in a pill for every ill.
That drug companies have deliberately made 'obsolete' cheaper and better therapies, or simple prevention, and instead promoted new 'wonder drugs' with the sole aim of increasing shareholder profits.
The report of the enquiry is absolutely damning. Will it change anything? We can but hope... and if you are a resident of the UK you should write to your MP urging that action to curtail the drug companies be taken.
My money is on Big Pharma buying their their way out of trouble again. It's never failed them in the past. But one day public pressure will put enough fear into our elected representatives that they will do something. Maybe this time.


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