Saturday, April 30, 2005

More on Jeff Weisse-Death by Prozac

Jeff Weisse attempted suicide in the summer of 2004 after his own father suicided and his Mother was committed to permanent care after suffering brain-damage in a car crash. The solution of his appointed psychiatrist was to put him on Prozac... and then to double the dose when he got more depressed.

Last months (March 2005), three weeks after his dose was doubled, Weisse went out and killed Daryl Lussier (his grandfather) and his grandfather's companion, before going on to kill a total of nine people and wounding seven others prior to taking his own life.

According to Lee Cook, a cousin of Lussier, a ‘counselor’ had told Weisse’s family that he was “just going through a stage”.

Cook said: "He left messages with everybody - his relatives, his friends, his school, his counselors". "He was telling people over and over that he was hurting and needed some relief, but nobody seemed to provide any to him."

No one had the time or the inclination to listen to Jeff Weisse and help him through his problems. Instead psychs drugged him just to shut him up. Well okay, he’s quiet now, and so are nine other people.


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