Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Prozac Peddlers on the Back Foot

26th April '05
Scientists at the European Medicines Agency have come out in favour of a ban on anti-depressants being prescribed to anyone under the age of 18, except for those suffering from so called “obsessive-compulsive disorder” and “attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder”.

This is the same situation as the UK except that in the UK they made an exception for Prozac and still allow this to be prescribed for just about any of the vast range of the “disorders”. The UK will lobby the EMA to allow Prozac to continue being used. Hopefully they will not succeed.

The reason given by the scientists at EMA was that anti-depressants increase suicidal thoughts and suicidal attempts.

The only odd thing is why any exceptions were made by the EMA. What logic could possibly justify making it okay to give any young child a psychtropic drug that is known to cause suicidal thoughts and suicidal attempts?


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