Wednesday, May 18, 2005

16 Year Old Boy Receives Unsolicited Sample of Prozac From Eli Lilly

A lawsuit against Eli Lilly and some psychiatrists for breach of confidentiality was dismissed on Mon 15th May.
Unsolicited supplies of Prozac were sent through the mail.

Amongst other recipients of this ‘generosity’ were a 16-year-old boy, who never had taken Prozac. He received a free month's supply in the mail after Lilly representatives obtained names of patients from a doctor in western Palm Beach County, Florida, US.

The decision is likely to be appealed.


Anonymous Daniel Haszard said...

Appreciate your blog,i have a victims support page against Eli Lilly for it's Zyprexa product causing my diabetes.--Daniel Haszard

5:39 AM  

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