Monday, May 16, 2005

Big Pharma/Big Money

In 2004 US Big Pharma is estimated to have spent more than $4 BILLION on drug advertising with the media... buying influence with the public.

They also spent over $1 BILLION on ‘sponsoring’ medical training schools.... buying influence with the psychs and MDs.

We’re talking big money here. If they can spend over $5 BILLION a year just on marketing (never mind the $100,000,000- they spend each year buying influence with Members of Congress)... then how much profit are these guys raking in?

I run a business now, and I have run businesses for the last 40 years. Irrespective of the type of business I have usually spent around 6% of my gross on marketing in one form or another. This is a loose comparison, and maybe a poor one. I don’t know. But I am led to believe that it is about average for a commercial endeavour. Based on a similar paradigm that means that Big Pharma is grossing over $80 BILLION per year in the US alone.

Not that I mind companies making lots of money and lots of profit. I happen to think that it is a very noble and civilized thing... but not when it is made from products that pretend to be life saving, but in reality negatively affect the wellbeing of millions of people around the world. In this respect Big Pharma is even worse than the arms manufacturers.

Not all drugs are bad. Some drugs really are and have been life-saving. Anti-depressants are not in this catagory. Selling psycho-tropic drugs to anyone, let alone children is a crime against humanity. Big Pharma is guilty of crimes against humanity on a vast scale.


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