Monday, May 30, 2005

Childhood is Not a Disease

Philip Barton 29/5/05

Why are suicide rates rising? What can we do about it? These are questions raised regularly in our media but few credible answers seem to be forthcoming. The answer as to why suicide rates are rising is that we regularly, loudly and actively promote suicide. To dramatically reduce suicides we only have to stop promoting it.

Many suicides stem from the following process. First of all convince someone that their bereavement or upset or sadness over something or other is actually called depression. Then solemnly inform them that depression is a life threatening psychiatric disease requiring expensive psychotropic drugs, probably for life. Or, inform parents that their disruptive child with boundless energy is suffering from a psychiatric disease called ADHD and that the child urgently needs to be put on a daily psychotropic drug.

And that’s it. People are suddenly (and often to their utter bewilderment and shame) branded as “mentally ill” and placed on psychotropic drugs with the potential for suicidal thoughts and tendencies, and with a pill bottle label properly warning them of that fact. Is it any wonder that they start to have suicidal thoughts and tendencies? How could they possibly not?

Pharmaceutical companies are guilty of not only wildly over promoting the efficacy of their chemical ‘cures’, and under presenting their dark, side effects, but of actually re-branding common emotions and worries and fears into ‘disorders’... and then selling drugs to cure those ‘disorders’. First they create and market a new ‘disease’, then they market a new ‘cure’.

Pharmaceutical companies are deliberately causing people who are well, to suddenly accept a reclassification as ill... and mentally ill at that. Great for selling drugs, but not great for the self-esteem of the target market.

Stop that process and the suicide rates would drop very quickly back to where they used to be. Childhood clumsiness and unruliness are not a disease. The stresses resulting from the normal sadness, upsets and problems that affect everyone from time to time are not a disease. Childhood is not a disease. Life is not a disease.

If someone is sad or depressed and feels that to announce it leaves them open to the stigma of mental illness, then they are less likely to announce it for fear of that stigma... not to mention the fear of the pharmaceutical ‘cures’ or other, even worse, treatments like Electro Shock. Trying to remove the stigma is not only probably impossible, but badly misses the point.

Upsets, sadness, depression and anything else that is bothering someone need to be talked about. Talking things over with one’s friends and family, or anyone who really cares, is vital to the resolution of such feelings. Often it is all that is needed. Maybe the person needs Omega-3 which has been the subject of startling new research in the UK into brain development in the last couple of years. Maybe it is some other dietary deficiency. Whatever it is it certainly isn’t a drug deficiency that causes someone to be sad.

Trying to tough it out on your own for fear that others will think you have a psychiatric disease, or trying to dull the symptoms with psychotropic drugs (or any drugs) is worse than useless. It is dangerous.

Prior to the promotion of psychotropic drugs to ‘cure’ made up ‘disorders’ suicide was statistically insignificant. Now it is a major problem. The answer is not more mind-numbing drugs... the answer is less, or better still, none. A good start would be to totally ban the prescribing of psychotropic drugs to minors under any circumstances.

The children who are now on psychotropic drugs because they suffer from the psychiatric disease known as childhood are the next generation of suicides. Unless that is, we their parents do something about it.


Blogger Shivani said...

An intresting post.

1:15 AM  
Blogger Philip said...

Thanks Kittycreation... I appreciate the feedback. It's the first post that I have written myself. Normally I am just accruing and re-presenting the psych news. Regards Philip

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Rising_Sun said...

Well written.
I see three reasons why companies and psychiatrists are not yet in prison, or - at least - banned.
First, people cannot realy believe that they could do to us such a thing, they are doctors! after all...
Second, many parents are as stupid as ,doctors' and they are not patient enough with their own children
Third, there are some poeple who say that those drugs actually helped them. If it is pure placebo - i wonder...
So if it can really help, or make-believe it helps somebody - even if we dont agree it is a right way to solve problems, it remains not entirely wise to remove those drugs completely - in the name of freedom itself.
But they should NEVER have the right to force sb to eat that shit! Like they did to me, not mentioning that they have imprisoned me in a hospital coming up with diagnosis like my ass in 10 minutes.

9:17 PM  

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