Thursday, May 05, 2005

Children Should be Seen and Not Heard

Channel 7 in Australia have reported on a grief counsellor and rebel doctors who are blowing the whistle about the pushing of psychtropic drugs onto young children.

The use of anti-depressants on bereaved children with no history of depression was likened to legalised child abuse. Which it is of course.

Dr George Halasz is worried about a reliance on psychotropic drugs that at best only treats the symptoms whilst ignoring the cause.

Dr Jacques Duff has begun a search for new treatments for ADHD, favouring neurotherapy and dietary alternatives to drugs. (Ed note: He won’t have to look far... there is a lot of data already out there on the nutritional deficiencies behind behavioural problems.)

The program came to the same conclusions as anyone else who has studied the area in any depth. Psychotropic drugs are being given to children in alarming quantities (‘like candy”) by parents and schools who just want to shut the children up. Giving them a ‘keep quiet’ pill is so much easier than listening to the children... or helping them. It’s the ghastly and logical extension of the old Victorian axiom that children should be seen and not heard.

And actively promoting this evil, and making it all possible of course is Big Pharma with their compliant and complicit drug dealing psychiatrist stooges.


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