Monday, May 23, 2005


Last August the FDA told Cyberonics that their implant procedure for depression was not approvable. Six months later the regulator changed its mind and has indicated that it will approve the medical device.

What changed?

Certainly not the machine... it still doesn’t work on the vast majority of cases.

What has changed is that a note of desperation has come in to the issue with the general admission that psychotropic drugs and brain frying (ECT) also don’t work.

The psychiatric industry is a sham. They come up with one crazy idea after another, from brain cutting (lobotomy), to brain frying (ECT), to brain befuddling (drugs). One after the other they are discarded after terrible damage to the recipients.

Still the psychiatrists try to hang on to the spurious claim that they know something about the human mind. Still they receive billions in government funding for destroying people’s lives.


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