Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Dumbing Down of Genius

By current psychiatric diagnostic methods historical ADHD sufferers included Winston Churchill, Beethoven, Einstein, Galileo and a host of other major contributors to our civilisation.

Luckily their parents didn’t realise that they had a ‘disorder’. Even luckier, there were no psychiatrists peddling psychotropic drugs at the time and no Big Pharma to arrange for the marketing and ‘positioning’ of the drugs.

We seem to be on a mission to dumb down the brightest. Extraordinary behaviour is assumed to be somehow wrong. Any behaviour outside of society norms is deemed to be a ‘disorder’. Genius is outside of societal norms, therefore genius will be drugged into submission.

Parenting was always the toughest, worst paid job in the world. Was and always will be. Drugging children with 'kiddy cocaine' rather than loving them and caring for them is not a solution. There is no solution other than love and patience. There is no short cut... certainly not a pharmaceutical one.


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