Sunday, May 01, 2005

ECT-Brain Damage in New Zealand

John Read is an Auckland (capital of New Zealand) University psychology lecturer. He has studied shock treatment extensively and believes that ECT (electro convulsive therapy) should be banned outright.

He was questioned by the the media this week after community outrage caused by the discovery of the high number of pensioners being shocked in the Bay of Plenty area in the North of N.Z. (Ed note: pensioners are often very vulnerable and attractive targets for the psychs around the world because they are covered by easily accessible insurance)

He said that the practice of Shock Therapy was introduced in the 1930s. The theory was to induce brain damage, as some mentally ill people were considered better off with a low level of brain function.

Some in the medical profession had now "taken a step backwards" by trying to deny there were any long-term side-effects on the brain, he said.


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