Sunday, May 08, 2005

Killing Children for Profit

Candace Downing was from Laytonsville, Maryland, USA. She was a popular girl and a perennial honor student. She was a high achiever and worried about her exam results. She was taken to a psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist assured her parents that Candace’s worries could all be taken care of with psycho-tropic drugs. Candace’s parents believed the psychiatrist. In March 2003 Candace started taking Zoloft.

On January 10th 2004 Candace’s Mother walked in to her bedroom and found Candace hanging over the bed.

Candace left no note. How could a twelve year old girl articulate the madness induced by psycho-tropic drugs?

Three weeks later Candace's Mother Mathy sat sobbing at a hearing of the Food and Drug Administration. "An hour before, she was on her father's lap watching Animal Planet. This is what these drugs do to children."


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