Thursday, May 26, 2005

Letters to the Editor

Two great letters to the Editor culled from the Irish papers:
Dear Madam,
I was very disappointed to see Kate Holmquist joining in the latest fraud of the psychiatric profession, namely ADD, ADHD and so on. The most elementary research will show that these names are simply made up by a group of psychiatrists to cover a whole range of perceived symptoms. It was done largely to disguise the fact that they have very little idea what's "wrong" with a lot of children nor how to handle them. Giving misbehaviour a name like ADHD makes them seem competent in the area. The vast majority of healthy kids exhibit some of the symptoms some of the time. Some of the more unruly behaviour is well-known to be due simply to a diet rich in food chemicals - easily altered. If we allow this dangerous fraud to continue, the next step is to make doctors or psychiatrists officially obliged to give pharmaceutical pills to any children who show any of the symptoms. In other words, any defenceless child that is adjudged "bold" in the future - by whom? - might have pills (= drugs = more chemicals) forced on it by an incompetent bureaucracy. Is this what we want for our children and grandchildren? It's already happening in the USA.
Yours most apprehensively,
Dick Barton
Dear Sir,
Great article on genius and madness. May I assume that our Ministry of Illness will now somehow find a way to test for early signs of great intelligence and force-feed the unlucky children with a "preventative" psychiatric drug of some sort? Along the lines of the Ritalin scandal for children who exhibit too much independence or get bored easily. But perhaps the greatest poser - Barton's Paradox? - would be how to get a bureaucracy to test for intelligence.
Yours faithfully,
Dick Barton


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