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Omega-3... more again

Studies by everyone except Big Pharma and their tame Psychiatrists show that modern behavioural problems (and a lot of other problems) are caused by a deficiency of Omega-3. Omega-3, one of the essential nutrients, is almost absent from the modern diet. A new report out yesterday by Dick Barton (nutritionalist) concludes that flax oil is even better than fish oil for providing the body with Omega-3. According to Dick Barton it is actually an imbalance of Omega-6 and Omega-3 that causes the problems. A copy of the report would probably be available to anybody who was interested from:


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To Phillip:

I cannot find an e-mail address for you, so I'm posting this comment on your site. I accidentally flagged your blog - I actually meant to click on the Next Blog link, so I deeply apologize for that. Hopefully this will not cause a serious problem for you - I don't really know how blogs work and this is my first time posting a comment on one.

Contrary to my silly mistake, I actually am very wary of psychotropic medication and think that its administering, for the most part, is absolutely unconscionable. The pharmaceutical industry has unjustifiably and thoughtlessly helped to create a very Orwellian world; a world that many children get caught up in and don't even know it. I would imagine being a parent is awfully difficult and nerve wracking today - I would certainly be afraid of the possibility of my child being drugged into submission and having his/her brain chemistry very possibly altered negatively for life. Such a huge risk, considering that educational institutions (in a perfect world) are supposed to protect children, not harm them, but instead pressure parents to put them on medication that they most likely do not even need.

Not surprisingly then, I do take great interest in Omega-3 fatty acid supplements and the benefits that can come from them, which, if I'm reading the right articles, are great in number. Having had no personal experiences with Omega-3 fatty acids, I cannot completely confidently say that they actually work. But it would not be surprising to me that good nutrition is the key to improving one's mood significantly. It seems as though many scientific studies with Omega-3 fatty acids have been very promising, thereby lending a great amount of credibility to their efficacy.

I have been reading various articles on the Psychiatric News blog and have been absolutely horrified - though not necessarily surprised in many cases - by what I've been reading, in terms of peoples' personal experiences/tragedies with a variety of psychotropic medications.

Americans - perhaps Europeans too, I'm not sure - of all ages need to be better educated on nutrition in general before they turn to psychotropic medications, whose efficacy is dubious and a fair amount of the time very dangerous and destructive, resulting in death particularly among children. The sooner a good nutritional plan is implemented in life, the better, I think, whether in the context of alleviating depression (and not the DSM-IV clinical term), heart disease, high cholesterol, and other major health problems.

I do realize however, that certain individuals may need to be on medication if it's their only option. But I would highly recommend examining one's environment and diet before embarking on a pharmaceutical route. When you know that the pharmaceutical industry's prime objective is its monetary gain and not the safety of the general public that may or may not be sick, you have to wonder who's really crazy.

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