Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Prozac Contamination

The United Kingdom’s Environment Agency is concerned about the amount of fluoxetine hydrochloride entering the environment, and the possible effects on wildlife.

Eli Lilly was the first to introduce fluoxetine hydrochloride under the trade name Prozac back in 1988.

Since then it has been found in measurable quantities in wateraways. Over FOUR tonnes of this drug, which is toxic to aquatic life at low concentrations was dispensed by psychiatrists and GPs last year in the United Kingdom. No one knows how much of that ended up in the waterways.

The prospect of such a toxic and dangerous drug entering the water system is truly frightening.

The Environment Agency has asked the companies involved in the manufacture of the noxious drugs to conduct tests to ascertain what quantities are reaching the waterways, and what effect on the aquatic life this is having.

This is akin to asking tobacco companies to monitor the health of cigarette smokers.


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