Sunday, May 22, 2005

Psychiatric Torture of Dissidents

A report by Amnesty International this week details the case of Mao Hengfeng. She was locked up in a Chinese psychiatric ‘hospital’ where psychiatrists ‘treated’ her with electro-convulsive therapy to cure her of her mental illness.

What was her mental illness? Mao Hengfeng refused to abort her second child.

Not surprisingly Mao was not cured of her ‘mental illness’ by this torture and is now in a forced labour camp.

Psychiatry has a long history of happily accomodating ruthless, totalitarian regimes. They were most useful to the Soviets with their experiments in moulding 'the Soviet Man'. Psychiatrists were also very evident and active in Hitler's concentration camps and in the Nazi quest for the Master Race via eugenics.

The history of Psychiatry, with its self-serving pretence of mental healing, will be a grim tale of torture and destroyed lives when it is finally told.


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