Saturday, May 07, 2005

Psychiatry-Same old Tricks

Psychiatrist Keith Muir liked his job. His job (as he saw it) was betraying the trust of his troubled patients and having sex with them.

In 1993 psychiatrist Keith Muir was struck off in New Jersey for having sex with his patients.

In 1995 he was struck off in New York State for having sex with his patients.

So Keith Muir moved to Queensland, Australia... and was promptly hired as the senior public hospital psychiatrist in far north Queensland.

In 1996 a ‘significant enquiry’ was begun into senior psychiatrist Keith Muir after, you guessed it, a complaint from a female. The ‘significant enquiry’ by the Health Rights Commission was headed by David Kerslake. It was concluded in 2000.

On May 6th 2005 Kerslake conceded that 4 1/2 years was a long time for an enquiry to investigate the complaints... especially when they produced no final report. David Kerslake said: "It does not automatically follow when looking into a major complaint that you do a report at the end of it."

David Kerslake assured the media that the next time that he failed to file a report it would be much faster.

There was no suggestion that the seedy activities of Keith Muir were being covered up by his fellow psychiatrists.


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