Friday, May 13, 2005

Psycho Babble

Adelaide Lawyer Eugene McGee drove down and killed a cyclist and then fled the scene in his car.

McGee had, with his brother, drunk 3 bottles of wine just prior to the accident. McGee is a prominent drink driving lawyer. A few minutes after he sped off he stopped his car and rang lawyer David Edwardson who is also a well known death by dangerous driving defence lawyer in Adelaide.

McGee was acquitted of killing the cyclist by dangerous driving. He was fined $3,100 for driving without due care and attention and not stopping after the crash and had his driver’s licence suspended for one year.

The barrister representing the cyclist’s widow said circumstances surrounding the psychiatrist, Professor Sandy McFarlane’s testimony on Mr McGee’s mental state after the accident needed further examination.

Psychiatrist McFarlane had testified, in all seriousness, that Eugene McGee had not driven away from the scene as a result of the consumption of alchol and his desire to avoid a breathalyser test during the two hours following the accident. Oh no, he had driven away because he was influenced by "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" and was in a “dissociated state”.

This superb example of psycho babble puts Sandy McFarlane well in the running for "Psychiatric Twit of the Week".


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