Monday, May 23, 2005

Public Outrage Against Drugs Push

Today in Atlanta USA there is a mass street protest organised by Citizens Commission on Human Rights against the plan of the American Psychiatric Association to screen all 52 million US school children. God help these children if the psychs get their way. More children on psychotropic drugs is the last thing that any civilised society needs.

The protesters are pointing out that there are already EIGHT MILLION children in the US taking cocaine like stimulants and anti-depressants that lead to suicide and hostility. The screening could end up seeing millions more children subjected to highly profitable drugging. The estimate is that compulsory screening could lead to FORTY MILLION children being drugged stupid..

Apparently some of the questions asked in these tests are:

"In the past month, how much of a problem have you had with feeling unhappy or sad?"

"Has there been a time when you felt you couldn't do anything well or that you weren't as good-looking or as smart as other people?"

"Has there been a time when you couldn't think as clearly or as fast as usual?"

Any child undergoing the APA's mental screening is at risk of being diagnosed and drugged simply by filling out a questionnaire at school.

Words fail me.


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