Saturday, May 28, 2005

Real Mental Health

From Psychiatrist Dr Raj Persaud:

“A grave omission has arisen in psychology and psychiatry over the last 100 years. What we should have been doing throughout our history, but have almost completely omitted to, is to advise the public on how to prevent the onset of mental illness or psychological problems, rather than simply being so completely focused on only offering treatment once disturbance has set in.

“Prevention is always more efficient and helpful than cure. This major failure of our discipline in the last century has occurred partly because of the erroneous belief that mental illness cannot be prevented as its causes remain obscure. Yet the history of medicine has been dominated by effective preventive action, which occurred long before specific causes were identified.”

The causes are not that obscure Doctor. A good diet with supplements including but not limited to Omega-3 via fish oil would be a great start... and then maybe a cup of tea and someone who really cared just to listen.


Blogger Marshall said...

Hey Philip,

Great entry. I like the "cup of tea" comment. :)

I found this study about how fatty acid levels in brain are linked to depression where I provide a simple explanation of how the omega-3s work to alleviate depression.

Warm regards,

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