Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A short extract from at the address below. Great internet journalism... go to the site and read the whole article.

“In this second installment of a five-part series examining conflicts in the drug industry, examines how big pharmaceutical companies -- heavy on marketing know-how but increasingly strapped for big-selling new drugs -- pressed the popular antidepressants into service in spite of lingering questions over their safety.

“The drug companies continue to stand behind their blockbuster antidepressants and market them to the masses. And they keep raking in billions of dollars in profits -- more than any other industry -- as a result of their success.

“But prestigious medical journals, including those that regularly publish research by the well-connected scientists, have called for ethical reforms. So have consumer watchdog groups. Industry critics insist that drugmakers exert too much influence over researchers, consumer groups and even the government agency charged with regulating them.”


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