Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Three Day Break

I'm off intestate for three days so psychiatricnews.blogspot.com will be on a break also.
A new posting will be up by Sunday. I shall enjoy meeting and talking with normal, decent people for a while, rather than reporting the nefarious ways of the psychiatric industry.

TeenScreen Protest

From The Illinois Leader:
Monday, June 27, 2005
As a father of a 9 year old with Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism, I fiercely resent the efforts of the Illinois Children's Mental Health Partnership (ICMHP).

This group was formed out of legislation, the Illinois Children's Mental Health Act of 2003, It had no dissenting votes in the State Senate and just 5 in the House. On June 30th 2005, the ICMHP will turn over to Gov. Blagojevich a comprehensive plan of subjectively needed "mental health services" for Illinois' children.

Some lawmakers want to repeal this act, the first state to enact such under an initiative of President Bush. They claim they had no idea this law would subject the parents of Illinois children to educators, bureaucrats and so-called experts who think they know what's best for our kids.

Since mental health is subjective, much fear exists about the state taking control over our children and undermining parental authority. Such fears are rightly founded.

It's shameful that only five lawmakers saw thru the smoke and mirrors. It's clear most lawmakers don't read these bills thoroughly to see what's there. And though efforts are underway to repeal or at least allow opt-ins for such services, the damage may be done.

Illinois citizens with school age children, insist your lawmakers repeal this outrageous act and the governor not enforce it. The state has meddled enough with our children thru items like mandatory vaccinations and pending very early childhood education legislation.

It's time we say HANDS OFF our kids now and HANDS ON to ousting Illinois legislators!
Nedd Kareiva, Chicago

Monday, June 27, 2005

Psychiatric Twit of the Week

Psychiatrist Dayananda Rajapakse is this week's winner of the Severe Transcranial Dysfuntion award, otherwise known as the Psychiatric Twit of the Week award.

See the previous article "Standard Psychiatric Procedure" 27/6/05

Standard Psychiatric Procedure

Psychiatrist Dayananda Rajapakse, of Braintree, Essex in the UK, hypnotised a female patient, encouraged her to masturbate herself in front of him, digitally penetrated her, got her to remove her clothes, fondled her breasts, and then had oral sex with her. He has been suspended for nine months.

Not referred to the police for sexual assault, not banned from practising any form of medicine for life, not hounded out of the country... just suspended for nine months.

The General Medical Council after much deliberation decided that his conducted amounted to a serious departure from the standards expected of a registered medical practitioner. You don’t say.

Rajapakse maintained that his behavious was standard psychiatric procedure.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Half a Mind

I went to see a psychiatrist
who electro-shocked my brain.
I can't remember much at all,
I've half a mind to complain.

Egyptian Psychiatrists

Gasir Mohammed Mahmoud was held for five months in a notorious psychiatric ward and subjected to “treatment” when it was discovered that he had converted to Christianity.

He has finally been released after international pressure.

He is finding it hard to walk because his toe-nails were pulled out. Still, it’s better than having your brains fried with Shock Therapy.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Electro-Convulsive Therapy Suicide

Frank E. Carver of Alton, Illinois, USA was depressed. He listened to the psychs and agreed to Shock Treatment.

Afterwards he told friends that the shock treatment had made his mental state even worse.

On April 28th 2005, two weeks after his “treatment”, he shot himself five times and then jumped to his death from the Clark Bridge.

Just one more shock treatment death statistic. Just one more person who needed real help and instead had their brains fried.

There is of course no merit in frying people’s brains, but it’s legal and very well paid.

Pschotropic Drug Use Dropping in Teenagers

A just completed study at the Duke University Medical Center has shown that the number of teenagers being given psychotropic drugs such as Prozac has diminished by as much as a third since the Black Box label warning of suicidal thoughts and tenencies first started appearing on the bottles.

This is good news for the mental health of the USA and bad news for Big Pharma and the psychiatrists.

Friday, June 24, 2005

W.H.O. and Shock Therapy

The World Health Organisation has released a new mental health document which states that: “Inadequate mental health legislation in countries around the world is fuelling human rights abuses against people who need psychiatric care.”
“Mental health laws can also be used to clamp down on many practices long deemed harmful for patients, ranging from use of shackles to misuse of electric shock therapy.”

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Another Zoloft Death

Kimberly Witczak is out to get Pfizer. She has pursued them through the federal courtroom in Minneapolis, through the hallways of the US Capitol and right to the headquarters of the FDA.

Her husband was prescribed Zoloft for his insomnia. He later hanged himself in his garage.

If these ironically named anti-depressent psychotropic drugs can cause happy people like Tim Witczak and Traci Johnson to suicide, is it too hard to figure out why people who are really upset, sad or depressed succumb so easily?

Stop this drugging and stop the suicides. No amount of Big Pharma profit is worth even one death.

Obsessive Shit Disorder

Psychiatrist Ronald McPike from Burlington smeared faeces over his dollars before paying bills.

McPike was ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment. In a lesser punishment by the Iowa Board of Medical Examiners, he was also fined $10,000.

In a follow up investigation it was found that McPike had misdiagnosed and over-medicated patients.

McPike was indefinitely suspended.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Masturbation Therapy

Psychiatrist Dayananda Rajapakse managed to persuade his secretary to masturbate herself in front of him, and to take off her clothes.

He told her that this was a recognised treatment called “masturbation therapy”. On at least one occasion he placed his fingers inside her vagina, fondled her breasts and had oral sex with her. He also tried to force her hand down his trousers.

Rajapakse, of Braintree, Essex in the UK claimed before the General Medical Council that he had done nothing wrong. Unsurprisingly, his secretary thought otherwise.

The Zoloft Scam

Extracted from Psychiatric Times May 2005
“Two large clinical trials, when aggregated into one, demonstrated a modest 10% difference in response rate between drug and placebo of sertraline (Zoloft) in pediatric depression (NNT=10) (Wagner et al., 2003). Two studies have been conducted evaluating citalopram (Celexa). One published paper showed a 12% difference between drug and placebo (NNT=8) (Wagner et al., 2004), whereas the other, unpublished study was negative, and had a very high dropout rate (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency [MHRA], 2004). Atypically for most pediatric trials, it involved both inpatients and outpatients. Two studies of venlafaxine (Effexor) in pediatric depression have been reported as negative, but a reanalysis of the data stratified by age showed that medication was superior to placebo for adolescents but not for children (Emslie et al., 2004; MHRA, 2004).”

Simply put, not only do recipients of these drugs risk suicide, but the chances of this risk being offset by any benefit range between 10% and no chance at all.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Another Psychiatric Prison

HANOI, VIETNAM - A Protestant pastor is being held in a feared Vietnamese mental hospital.

He is suffering from “Writing Christian Articles and Distribution of Bibles Disorder”.

This gross psychiatric denial of basic human rights has been reported by the human rights group Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

Cymbalta-The New Death Drug

Traci Johnson committed suicide while enrolled in clinical trials of Eli Lillty’s Cymbalta. She hanged herself from a shower in the Eli Lilly facility where the tests were being conducted.

Cymbalta is the new “wonder drug” designed by Eli Lilly to restore their flagging sales since Prozac ran out of patent.

Traci Johnson was not depressed prior to taking the drug. She was a normal happy girl who enrolled in the clinical trial as a healthy volunteer in order to earn money to pay for her college tuition. Anyone with any signs of depression was barred from the trials.

Traci’s death, and the death of four other people at the trial, were completely absent from the official records. The FDA backed this decision by Eli Lilly saying that the deaths were a confidential part of the trial.


The obligingly acquiescent FDA has approved Cymbalta for the treatment of depressed patients. Big Pharma might have to slip the psychs a bit extra to push this one.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Psychotropic Drug Concerns Raised

Canada. New Brunswick’s ombudsman has told a Senate committee examining children’s rights that he is concerned at the widespread use of Ritalin for children with so-called ADD/ADHD.

Bernard Richards also told the committee that he is deeply concerned about the ever increasing number of young children on psychotropic drugs such as Ritalin.

"I really feel there is a need in Canada, and New Brunswick is no different, to have a closer look at the issue of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and the prescription of Ritalin. I'm concerned that it is being seen as the easy solution to an overactive child."

The New Brunswick Education Department has issued a directive to teachers and school districts that educators teachers are not to give medical advice and/or diagnose medical conditions and that they are not to suggest medication to parents of school children.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Another Psychiatric Sex Offence

A West Des Moines psychiatrist has been sentenced to two years probabation.

He violated state law by having sex with an emotionally dependent female patient. Gaylord Nordine pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation.

Nordine still faces an ethics charge with the Iowa Board of Medical Examiners. A hearing is scheduled for November.

The patient is also suing Nordine through the civil courts.

Scientists Admit Pressures From Funding Sources

Government funded biomedical scientists who responded to an anonymous survey revealed that one third of the 3,000 scientists admitted questionable research practices.

These ranged from straight out falsifying data, to 15.5% admitting that they had CHANGED HOW THEY CONDUCTED AN EXPERIMENT OR ITS RESULTS IN RESPONSE TO PRESSURE FROM A FUNDING SOURCE.

Other admissions were the widespread practise of circumventing the rules on using human subjects as experiments, and not properly disclosing ties with companies.

According to lead author Brian Martinson, a researcher at HealthPartners Research Foundation, ''I think this really causes us to call into question the assumption that it is just a few bad apples."

Time to sell pharmaceutical company shares, and time for psychiatrists to start looking for another job.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Law Suits Begin Over TeenScreen

The following is a small exert from http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL0506/S00168.htm
Go to the site to read the full article
Evelyn Pringle: TeenScreen - The Law Suits Begin
Monday, 13 June 2005, 12:33 pm

TeenScreen - The Law Suits Begin
By Evelyn Pringle
The scheme concocted by the pharmaceutical industry and pushed forward by the Bush administration to screen the entire nation's public school population for mental illness and treat them with controversial drugs was already setting off alarms among parents all across the country. But in the state of Indiana, the alarm just got louder.
Tax payers had better get out their check books because school taxes are about to go up as the law suits against school boards start mounting over the TeenScreen depression survey being administered to children in the school.

Merck Attempts a Re-Branding

Merck is about to re-launch itself as a caring corporation with the following slogan:
"Merck. Where patients come first."

This delightfully desperate and ridiculously implausible slogan will surely fail in its aim to soothe the public’s fears and growing hostility. The attempt to change the image of Merck and its executives from rapacious and malevolently unprincipled greedy swine, to kindly and contributing members of the human race is too wide a bridge to cross.

Expect to see more unconvincing attempts at image rehabilitation by other members of Big Pharma coming to a television screen or newspaper near you soon.

The pharmaceutical companies that create the horror psychotropic drugs that are the mainstay of the psychiatric industry are in deep trouble. Therefore psychiatry is in deep trouble. Hooray.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Psychiatric Prisons

A psychiatric hospital in Assam, India has admitted that people are being held for no reason.

Machang Lalung has been held for 54 years. He was 23 years old when he was confined... no one is really sure why anymore. He is now 77 years old and has been working without pay in the garden.

Amongst other patients, Khalilur Rehman has spent 35 years there. Anil Kumar Burman has spent 33 years there. Sonamani Deb 32 years, and Parbati Mallik has been there for 32 years.

No documentation or reason for the internment was able to be provided. They remain imprisoned whilst an “investigation” takes place.

Big Pharma Reined In

Congress has passed an amendment introduced by Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) to rein in Big Pharma influence of FDA advisory panels.

This follows on from a New York Times reported in February that 10 of 32 scientists sitting on an FDA advisory panel evaluating Cox-2 painkillers has financial ties to manufacturers of the drugs. Had they not been present then 2 of the 3 drugs in the class would have been canned on the spot by the panel.

Congressman Hinchey's press release states: "recent FDA actions have created serious doubts about whether committee members are serving only the public interest and, as a result, industry biases now taint many advisory panel decisions.  Today, we took a giant step forward to squash those doubts.”

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Who Gains Financially From TeenScreen?

Michael and Teresa Rhoades’ 15 year old daughter came home from school and told her parents that she been diagnosed with “obsessive compulsive disorder” and “social anxiety disorder”.

It transpired that her daughter had got caught up in “TeenScreen” at her school. The “mental health professionals” had given her a quiz and then thoughfully informed the ace student that she had two mental disorders.

The authors of the quiz claim that 33% of respondents have a disorder, and 16% of those have a significant disorder requiring psychiatric treatment. What sort of questions raise the red flag for a serious disorder? Try the following:
"Have you often felt very nervous when you've had to do things in front of people?" or:
"In the last three months, have you often felt very nervous or uncomfortable when you have been with a group of children or young people?"

When looking at seemingly absurd and inexplicable situations like this it is important to always ask the question: who gains financially from this?

The parents have notified of their intention to sue.

Ritalin Warning

A warning has been issued by police in the Lake District U.K. with regard to stolen Ritalin tablets.

The police warn that the tablets can cause agitation, confusion and hallucinations if taken and are advising the public to avoid contact with the drug.

Yet it is okay for psychiatrists to prescribe these drugs to 5 year old children? Have the “mental health” system and the so called “regulators” gone completely mad?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


The National Institute of Health in the US is one of the largest biomedical research institutes in the world. In January of 2005 the NIH stated that there is not enough evidence to say with certainly that ADD/ADHD is a brain disorder.

It would be a good idea if the NIH and the FDA got together for a cup of tea and a bit of a chat. (Ed. note... there is not enough evidence to say that ADD/ADHD is even a disorder, let alone a brain disorder.)

Meanwhile pharmaceutical companies like Shire continue to insist with regard to ADD/ADHD that: “There is no debate, no controversy, no question: this is a ‘neurobiological disorder’ affecting between three and seven percent of school age children.”

And this is the line that psychiatrists continue to peddle, because this is the line that keeps psychiatrists in business. It is a bald faced lie, and the sooner the psychs who push these drugs are out of business the better for the mental health of the world.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Protests re Psych Screening

Some letters to the local paper in Illinois re the legislation to mandate compulsory mental health screening of school children.
Monday, June 13, 2005

The Illinois Legislature ought to have their own heads subjected to adolescent mental health screening for even considering passing such legislation [LEADER EXCLUSIVE: Indiana family sues high school over non-consensual adolescent mental health screening (June 10, 2005)].

If there is anything more dangerous than having the government put such a program in place, I don't know what it might be--except for the so-called sex education classes that are little more than promotion of the dangerous homosexual practices in the gay/lesbian community.

Labeling our young children in ways that will inevitably follow them through school and result in their being placed in special education classes where they will learn little that will benefit them when they leave school.

I am more than a little discouraged that our school age children are increasingly subjected to government programs that detract from the real purpose of education: preparing our children to have happy, productive lives after graduation. Can't we get back to an education that leaves our children reasonably proficient in English, History and Math rather than being highly proficient in diversity, homosexual practices, and the superiority of almost any third world nation to our own country?

I am, as usual, disgusted at the tragic state of American education--and now they want to label first graders as somehow psychologically unsound.

What a farce the American classroom has become!
Jack Kime
Ronald Reagan, our beloved "Gipper", said it best, "The most frightening words in the English language; I'm from the Government and I'm here to help you."

Those who are convinced that they were placed on Earth to properly instruct and guide the remainder of us dummies are at it again. Never mind a "label" that may cripple a youngster for the remainder of his life, the important part is that the kid was screwed up with the best of intentions. Mental Health screening might be much more usefully employed on these people who come up with these brainstorms; it is obvious that they have far too much time on their hands and too little regard for those of us who are paying the bills.

What is needed, and at the earliest opportunity, is a bill to rescind this piece of legislative claptrap. In today's Chicago Sun-Times, Mayor Richard M. Daley tried to "celebrate" the fact that 43.7% of Chicago elementary school students can read at their grade level. There is no doubt in my mind where the mental health screening is most needed and it ain't the kids.

Joseph Volpendesta
Beach Park
When the subject of mental health screenings in Illinois schools came up some time ago, I couldn't believe what I was reading. I wasn't sure exactly what I could do about it.

And while I hoped no law would be passed making the exams mandatory, I decided to take the precaution of instructing both of my children, one 13 and the other 12, that they were not to submit to any such examination. I told them to refuse if asked, to have the school call me if that wasn't good enough and I would come down there and deal with the officials in person.

Do the big drug companies have so much power? Why else would this be happening? It looks like a way to make more young people dependent on prescription drugs earlier in life when all they really need is to deal with growing up, just like we all did before there was a drug for every ailment and new ailment to justify even more new drugs.
Dennis L. McLouth

Monday, June 13, 2005

Half a Mind

I went to see a psychiatrist
who electro-shocked my brain.
I can't remember much at all,
I've half a mind to complain.

Getting Away From the Psychs in Order to Recover

Quotes from a conference held by survivors of mental health services in Ireland recently:

Dr Tony Bates, principal psychologist at St James’s Hospital in Dublin.

"Among their negative experiences were being forced to undergo treatments such as electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) that were intrusive and frightening; the over-reliance on medications which left them dazed and confused; the lack of any explanation of why these treatments were being offered; the inadequate provision of any other social or psychological interventions, such as talk therapies being offered, being left wandering around hospital corridors in a bewildered, even perplexed, state, often inadequately clothed, being seen only as embodiments of some particular diagnosis, and not as people who were highly self-aware and rational in some part of their being, and being talked at, rather than listened to.”

A female former patient speaking at the same conference:

"it’s very difficult to get taken seriously while you are an inpatient in a psychiatric unit”

“We are often written off as being mad and discredited because we have spent time in a psychiatric unit.”

“But as a whole they just have too much control over vulnerable people. And patients are too heavily medicated, so they can do what they want without being answerable.” (speaking about staff)

“... many people are afraid to open their mouths to the staff in case they get an injection”.

A male former patient at the same conference:

“Proof of the fact that the system is failing is that the system is just full of people that keep returning”.

"I know one woman who is 30 years of age and has had 63 admissions. But that’s because they are not listening to the people that matter. This woman keeps telling the doctors that the psychiatric medication is making her worse. But the doctors have the power to hold her down in bed and give her the medication by needle.”

"Every day there are seven to eight people given a dog-bone to chew on, getting electrical cables put onto their head and enough electricity to light a 50 watt bulb. And the scary thing is they don’t even know how it works. They have no idea. And they just know that 62 per cent of people benefit from it, but what about the 38 per cent that don’t? And these people’s memories may be permanently impaired or they may get the shakes as a result,”

"In my experience I had to get away from the people and services treating me in order to recover.”

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Psychiatric Twit of the Week

Psychiatrist Dr. Quentin Spender of London, U.K. put on a splendid display of twittery with his completely fabricated diagnoses of children (posted Wednesday, June 08, 2005). Normally that would have been enough to see him romp home.

However, the winner of this week’s “Severe Transcranial Dysfuntion” award, othewise known as “Psychiatric Twit of the Week” goes to psychiatrist Ian Martin from Launceston, Australia, who not only forgot that he had regular sex with one of his patients, but forgot that he had Herpes when he was doing so (posted Friday, June 10, 2005).

Who Will Sue the Psychiatrists?

The psychotropic drug Zyprexa was prescribed by psychiatrists for dementia and anxiety. Even the lackadaisical FDA did not approve it for this.

When it was shown that a significant number of Zyprexa users contracted diabetes, and precursor conditions such as hyperglycaemia and ketoacidosis, the victims who became diabetic and suffered from other horrible side effects sued.

Eli Lilly, the manufacturer of Zyprexa, has just paid out $700,000,000 to settle 75% of the outstanding claims. This will handle 8,000 of the claimants.

Who will sue the psychs who prescribed these drugs for purposes other than that which they were approved for?

Able Laboratories Are Bust

The pharmaceutical company, Able Laboratories this week laid off almost 50% of its staff. A company spokesman said it expects more job cuts and can give no assurance when it may resume manufacturing.

Able has admitted to sloppy manufacturing and testing standards. No further manufacturing is taking place and all the company’s drugs have been withdrawn from the market-place. Even its applications for new drugs awaiting FDA approval have been withdrawn.

Able has pending lawsuits against it, has lost its line of credit and has unpaid creditors.

Able will, in my opinion, go bust (it probably is already technically bust) and on June 17th at the annual meeting of the company they will probably be informing their stockholders that they have lost all their money.

It is great news that the pharmaceutical companies are starting to be made accountable. Let us hope that Able is, in this regard, just the tip of the iceberg.

The battle will only be really won when this scrutiny and accountability goes down the line to main street and starts addressing the psychiatric pushers.

Don’t swallow psychotropic drugs, and don’t invest good money in bad pharmaceutical companies. Their stock are on a downhill slide to oblivion.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Another Nutty Psychiatrist

A Lake County, Illinois psychiatrist who was the former Chief of Staff at the Veterans Medical Center in North Chicago was sent down for 7 years on Tuesday. He pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

Gary Almy, 61, was convicted of sexually molesting 3 boys in a school that he operated from his home.

Why are Psychtropic Drugs Addictive?

All the psychotropic drugs on the marketplace are addictive. It is one of their main problems, but only one. Why is it that they are addictive?

Is it really possible to believe that the pharmaceutical companies can not manufacture non-addictive versions. Surely a small fraction of their HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars of profit directed toward the project would come up with a solution in no time.

It is not hard to see why no research dollars are heading that way. Bearing in mind the morals of the pharmaceutical and psychiatric industry it seems more likely that they see the addiction as a plus point.

Time For Accountability

The recent and on-going Big Pharma scandels with Vioxx, Bextra, Celebrex, Thimerosol, Zyprexa and others (the list grows weekly) must start to ring alarm bells in even the most intellectually lethargic.

What is sold over the counter as medicine these days is as likely to damage as to cure. Pharmaceutical drug trials have been shown to be, and in all probably still are, a sham. Clinical trials are governed by the need for profit on the one hand, and an extremely cosy relationship with the FDA, the so called regulator, on the other.

The real drug trials are taking place every day in every State and County in every country.

The guinea-pigs are the unwitting general public. When so many die that the numbers cannot be glossed over, when so many crippled survivors or relatives protest so loudly that the chemical apocalypse can no longer be utterly ignored, when things are so bad that even the mainstream media stop showering the public with bread and circuses long enough to make mention of it.... then the FDA responds, and just maybe, if the noise is loud enough and persistent enough, the product is withdrawn.

But what about the needless deaths and suffering? What about the families left without Mothers or Fathers or children? What about all the people whose lives were destroyed and who never even realized that they were part of a drug trial?

Will the pharmaceutical company executives ever be brought to justice for the crimes that they have inflicted on people, people who needed help and who trusted the modern health system?

Will the drug that you or one of your family is taking be the next one to hit the headlines? It is time for honesty and accountability in the area of health... particularly, but not only, in the area of mental health.
Philip Barton

Friday, June 10, 2005

Psychiatric Delusions

Psychiatrist Dr. Quentin Spender is before the General Medical Council in central London.

He had claimed that a girl had been sexually assaulted by members of her own family.

He had also claimed a school boy had sexually assaulted another boy in the school toilets. He claimed that the alleged offender had himself been the victim of sexual abuse and that he could abuse further victims unless he received “professional” help.

It all turned out to be a fabrication based on nothing more than his opinion.

Spender is charged with serious professional misconduct and could lose his licence.

Mercury in Vaccines

Merck claimed in September 1999 that they had eliminated all mercury from their entire range of vaccines. In fact Merck continued to sell mercury-based vaccines until as late as October 2001.

This came to light when a recent Congressional investigation forced an FDA inquiry into the matter.

But it gets worse. A recently leaked internal memo from Merck shows that the drug giant was concerned about the levels of mercury in some of its vaccines for children.

The date on that memo was 1991. The memo came from a leading vaccinologist and former Senior VP of Merck and clearly highlights Thimerosol as a potential safety hazard.

For TEN years after one of their own scientists and executives had warned them that Thimerosol was dangerous Merck continued to produce and aggressively market the drug.

Can we assume that other drugs produced by Merck and other pharmaceutical companies are produced and aggressively marketed in the full knowledge that they may do more harm than good? Consider the case of Thimerosol, and then consider the case of antidepressants and then you make that decision.

With the FDA acting more like a pharmaceutical cheerleader than a pharmaceutical regulator, the consumers of pharmaceutical products have a lot to worry about.

Each human life has worth, particularly to the person whose life it is. It appears that to Big Pharma and their complicit pushers, as long as not too many people die too obviously from their products, then the dead and damaged are just irrelevant statistics.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Incidence of Mental Disorder

The latest psycho-babble estimates that 46% of Americans will suffer from a mental disorder in their lifetime.

The estimates given for mental illenss seems to be quickly rising. It was 20% last year and then rose to 26% about a month ago. Now it is 46%.

Accoring to these “researchers” the US has more mentally ill than any other country.

Is this guesstimate due to the fact that the pharmaceutical companies find it more convenient to market into the US because of a compliant FDA? Or is it because more people in the US have swallowed the psychotropic drugs that cause mental disorders?

Or maybe it is because the psychs are arriving at these figures by interviewing their own colleagues.

In this Oweillian world in which we live the only sign of major mental illness that I observe emanates from the ranks of the self-serving "Mental Health Profession".

Therapy and Medication Not Working

Psychologist Barry Duncan who spends much of his time training other mental health professionals, says there is no evidence supporting the current fad that mental health problems should be treated as a medical illness.
"There's no blood test that will tell you you're depressed. There's no X-ray," he said.

He also points out that therapy and medication haven’t worked. The army of mental health workers has increased 275 percent in the past 20 years, with doctors writing more than 150 million prescriptions for antidepressants. At the same time suicides and depression are actually on the increase.

Psychiatrists object to Duncan's assertions about the ineffectiveness of therapy and medication.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mike Tyson-Drugged into Mediocrity

Mike Tyson was one of the most exciting heavyweight boxers of all time. He had ripped apart the best that boxing had to offer.

Then in 1990 he fought an unimpressive contender called Buster Douglas.

When he stepped into the ring against Douglas it was as an unbeaten and unbeatable champion. About seven (from memory) rounds into the fight he was laid flat on his back for the count. I watched the fight in astonishment. It was plain to see that Tyson was lethargic. I thought at the time that he was just badly out of condition.

From that moment on Tyson was a tortured soul. He was in and out of court and jail on a regular basis, and lost fights to people whom he would have wiped the floor with just a few years earlier.

I read today that when he stepped into the ring in 1990 Tyson was on a chemical cocktail of Lithium, Zoloft, Seroquel, Lamitcal and other psychotropic drugs. On that night Tyson was too zonked out to stand, let alone think or fight clearly

I had often wondered what happened to turn Mike Tyson from an unbeatable champion to an easy-beat, has-been overnight. I should have realised that it was the psychs.
Philip Barton

More Psychiatric Sexual Abuse of Patients

The Essex Junction psychiatrist who sexually abused a mentally ill patient in his “care” was prescribing her ELEVEN drugs SIMULTANEOUSLY for her “condition”. The condition is very common. It is called “Unwillingess to be Screwed By a Psych Disorder”

Psychiatric Rape

Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Psychiatrist Ian Martin had regular sex with one of his female patients.

The counsel assisting the Medical Compaints Tribunal said that a DNA sample taken from the woman matched the profile of Dr. Martin and could only have come from sexual intercourse with him.

The woman said that Martin had told her that he had Herpes but that she was not at risk.

Dr. Martin has denied having sex with the woman and said that he could not remember having Herpes. This qualifies Martin for the "Severe Transcranial Dysfuntion" award... otherwise known as Psychiatric Twit of the Week.

Psychiatric peer reviews in Australia do not have a track record of punishing their own no matter the severity of the transgression. They prefer to quietly move them on to another State before the media hears about it.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Medication Isn’t What it Used to Be

The Black Box warning carried by all anti-depressants since Oct 2004 makes mention of the fact that there is a consistent link between the use of any kind of antidepressant and suicidal tendencies in children.

What is now being considered by the panel is also mentioning on the Black Box label that studies in children found the drugs are no more effective than placebos.

Can it really be that Big Pharma are making hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars a year marketing anti-depressants that offer no benefits at all, but could lead to suicide? And could it really be that psychs are calling this “medication”?

Monday, June 06, 2005

FDA Corruption

According to documents released from last September’s hearing, FDA officials instructed agency medical officer Dr. Andrew Mosholder to delete from the records he was submitting to Congress all his research material that showed an increased risk of suicidality in children who took antidepressants. He was also instructed to conceal his deletions.

Panel members accused the FDA of obfuscating the risks of the anti-depressants, and subjecting Mosholder to harassment.

Mosholder's report was based on a full analysis of 22 studies involving 4,250 children and seven antidepressants. The report found that children who took the medications were twice as likely as those who took placebos to become suicidal.

Just in case you were wondering... yes, the FDA is the government agency supposedly charged with regulating the pharmaceutical companies.

Ritalin: the Government Drug

This is a great article I came across on the internet. Thanks Ned.

by Ned Vare
Ritalin plays a significant part in the government school system's war against parents and children. When school employees and psychiatrists recommend mind-altering behavior-modifying drugs for our children, it's not to benefit the children, it's for the convenience of the schools and the teachers. The government attitude is that public school children are its property to do with as it chooses. Parents beware!

When a child's attention is not riveted on what the schools claim is "important," whether it's Dick and Jane or adding and subtracting, school people make the extremely risky and arrogant assumption that the child is sick. Without a shred of medical evidence, they imply that something is wrong with his/her brain. They never question that there may be something wrong with their own programs or methods. And yet very little of what schools force children to endure is either interesting or necessary or even true.

Instead of finding activities and learning that might be useful or relevant to children's lives, public schools require them to sit still and be quiet for tedious, unwanted and uninteresting classes. It's no surprise that some kids fidget and show other natural signs of boredom, misery and sometimes rage -- the school experience drives them nuts, and they resent being warehoused and dumbed down. The surprise, the outrage, is the schools' response to the children who don't comply: drug them with Ritalin -- chemically alter their brains in order to make them docile. And while Ritalin slows and narrows the minds of the students who take it, the possibility of being drugged threatens all the rest of the children to conform to the school's regimen.

Ritalin is a drug. It is classified (FDA) in the same group of hazardous addictive drugs as cocaine, methadone and barbiturates. Its function is to dull and limit mental activity and capacity. It does to school children what other psychiatric drugs do to mental patients, enabling them to be warehoused with the least inconvenience to the staff. And this drugging is often done without informing the children or their parents of the potential side effects, that include sudden outbursts of violence.

The reason given for the use of Ritalin is Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), the name attached to symptoms such as fidgeting, inattention , etc. And yet, according to Peter Breggin, M.D., in his book, The War Against Children, "Ritalin can cause the very things it's supposed to cure, such as depression, exhaustion, withdrawal, irritability and suicidal feelings." He also lists inattention, hyperactivity and aggression as side effects. I have noticed the twitches and disfiguring facial tics of children on Ritalin, and have read reports of stunted growth. John Leland (Newsweek, Oct. 30, '95) reported: "Ritalin is addictive and can have the side effects of stroke, hyperthermia, hypertension and seizures." Why does all this sound familiar? Because we know that one, and perhaps both, of the shooters at Columbine School were on Ritalin, and reports now say Andy Williams (Santee HS in CA) was suicidal. An article in the New York Times under Child Health Alert (Jan '96) reported a link between Ritalin and cancer.

Despite what schools and some psychiatrists say, ADD is not a disease, its symptoms are not even a sign that anything is wrong, and Ritalin is not a cure for anything. While schools refer to Ritalin as a "treatment," its effect is that of a punishment. In her book, And They Call It Help, Louise Armstrong calls the use of Ritalin, "the psychiatric policing of children. Ritalin is used to manage children, to control their mental activity and thus, their behaviour. It has nothing to do with education in the usually accepted sense."

Thousands of school children are suffering from being improperly drugged and/or being placed in LD classes. The labelling of children at an early age becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy -- the children learn to see themselves as defective and/or disabled in some way, and act out the part. Children don't need to be forced to sit still in boring classes and they don't need to experience misery as a preparation for adult life. More and more child development experts agree today, simply, that they need to go outside and play. Childhood is not a disease, and youthful energy does not need a "treatment."

Psychiatric Twit of the Week

The Illinois plan to monitor school children for so called mental health problems such as sadness and anxiety bring us this week's "Severe Transcranial Dysfuntion" award.

In response to the plan, psychiatrist Dr. Louis Kraus from Rush University Medical Centre said "Here we have something that can really help kids."

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Big Pharma Improper Payments

Pfizer’s problems in Croatia are related to its sales of Bextra which is in the same class as Merck’s Vioxx. Word is that Bextra is about to be withdrawn from the market.

An investigation is also under way in Croatia into certain improper payments made in connection with sales activities. You don’t say!

Psychiatric Care

Clifford Way was a patient for four months at Alberta Hospital in Canada. Dr. Douglas Urness, the hospital psychiatrist who had filled Clifford Way up with various psychotropic drugs over the four months had then abruptly taken him off his medication.

According to Way’s sister, staff informed Urness that Way had made specific suicide plans. Urness did nothing. Later that day Way vanished.

Despite desperate pleas from Way’s sisters, Minnie and Olga, the psych unit claimed that Clifford Way could not be found.

THIRTY-THREE days after Way’s disappearance, a search organised by his sisters found Way’s body hanging from a tree in the hospital grounds.


Jonathan Caouette started shooting his own movies of his life when he was eight years old. In 2004 he collated and edited all the Super 8 and DV footage into a film of his life. Sounds dull uh? It isn’t.

The film is called “Tarnation” and it documents the life of his Mother and himself caught up in a nightmare of psychiatric induced madness including drugging and repeated brain shock treatment.

The film, though hugely disturbing, was a sensation when it was shown at “Sundance 2004”. Watch out for it at the video store.

Pfizer Could be Going the Way of Merck

Early days to get too excited but fingers crossed!

Pfizer are being investigated by the New York Attorny General Eliot Spitzer for “improper promotion of drugs” for unapproved uses.

The Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is also seeking information related to the anti-depressant drug ZOLOFT being promoted for use with children. Zoloft does not have FDA approval for use with children.

Pfizer are also in trouble in Croatia, but I don’t have details of that yet.

A Pfizer spokesperson declined the opportunity to do what he is paid to do.

Psychiatric Sex Offence

A psychiatrist from Essex Junction, Vermont has been charged with sexual abuse of a mentally ill patient who was supposedly under his care.

Dr. Peter McKenna faces up to six years in prison. Psychs must have a rough time in jail. They are forced to meet on an equal level some of the people they have been torturing in their own jails.

Psycho Babble Exposed

Quentin Willson and his wife Michaela were told by expensive “specialists” that their son Max’s disturbing behaviour was due to the fact that he had dyspraxia, dyslexia, autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). They were advised to put Max on Ritalin.

Fortunately Willson is a TV presenter and could afford to get a proper opinion. It turned out that the first three of Max’s movable vertebrae had become misaligned which gave the child headaches and an over-sensitised nervous system.

Max was cured before his fifth birthday by parents who loved him enough to seek a cure, rather than just giving him psychotropic drugs to shut him up.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

FDA Might Be Forced To Do Their Job

Merck is facing an ever deepening crisis over its test result cover ups and its subsequent questionable marketing of the drug Vioxx.

The FDA, having been shown to have been completely derelict in its duty of protecting the US consumers (and the rest of the world whose regulators largly take their cue from the FDA), has been by-passed by the Department of Justice who have launched CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS into the companies actions. The SEC has also begun an enquiry.

Merck has acknowledged that the conclusions of the investigation could prove “highly unfavourable” and could find evidence that “could have a material adverse effect on the company’s financial position, liquidity and results of operations”.

Amongst other matters Merck are being investigated for causing federal health programs to pay for the prescription drug when its use was not warranted. That would be fraud on a grand scale.

They are also being investigated under criminal statutes for the charge of knowingly misleading investors, regulators and public health insurance programs about the safety of the drug

Jerry Avorn, a Harvard University medication safety expert, said, "These developments will help define the standards drug companies are expected to meet in addition to the standards the FDA may or may not have." Avorn added that DOJ and SEC "will be in a sense doing FDA's work at a time when the FDA has been asleep at the switch in its regulatory function".

This action could be the tipping point. For decades Big Pharma has indulged in more and more aggressive marketing of drugs that in many classes have caused more and more misery to the recipients. Simultaneously the public (the victims) have become more and more vocal about the dangers of these drugs that they were never informed of. Something had to snap and I believe that something has. The days of public and government trust of Big Pharma are coming to an end.

I expect this case to cause a massive change at the FDA. If Merck loses this case then watch out for the resignations and firings that will happen at the FDA. The cozy Big Pharma funded retirement deals of those senior FDA executives who for decades have obligingly turned a blind eye to the flawed drug trials could be much harder to come by in the future. The FDA could be rebuilt into a genuine regulatory agency INDEPENDENT of the financial muscle of the pharmaceutical companies.

This will spill over into a re-evalutation of all of Big Pharma’s products. It will not be long before PSYCHOTROPIC DRUGS ARE THE SUBJECT OF GENUINE AND HONEST STUDIES WHERE ALL RESULTS ARE PUBLISHED. This will not bode well for Big Pharma and the strange 20th century cult of psychiatry.

Exhibit of Psychiatric Abuse

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights ((CCHR), founded by the Church of Scientology and Dr. Thomas Szasz, has started a Germany wide campaign against the abuses of psychiatry.

The travelling exhibition shows panels with gruesome details of common psychiatric practises.

Why can not more of the groups that oppose the brutal practises of psychiatry organize events like this? There are so many groups and individuals (like myself) pouring their efforts into internet publications. Are we not better to take to the streets in an effort to awaken the general population as to what is happening?

The general population already has a low opinion of psychiatry. I know this as I saw many of the surveys that CCHR did when it ran a similar exhibition in Canberra. One day when the truth is out people will say "why did nobody tell me this was happening?" Maybe it's a valid point. We have to get out on the streets more.

I joined a CCHR protest in Sydney last month and we walked a few blocks waving placards and chanting and all the normal things. Many people along the route broke out into applause. It was really heartening. There are people out there who understand... usually the ones who have had first hand experience of the psychatric system, but not enough.

An Honest Psychiatric Voice

Depression is an emotion, just like fear, anger or love. It is the imprint felt after a stressful or traumatic experience.

Depression is natural. It represents a legitimate response to life's difficulties. It is not a disease process reflecting a change in brain chemistry, disconnected from individuality, race, colour, creed, upbringing, belief systems, environments, relationships, socio-economic factors, life events and coping skills.

To isolate a depressed, suffering human being from their thoughts, from their behaviours and from the workings of their world is a tragedy beyond words, as it reduces them, and the rest of us, to a chemical soup encapsulated in skin. In this soup there is no place for uniqueness, imagination, will, acceptance, compassion, love, peace, creativity, personal freedom and the unfathomable depths of the human spirit.

The sick brain model of depression is a hideous and terrifying concept, as it turns us into cogs in a machine where, if we find the going difficult and want to disengage, we are prescribed an emotional painkiller and advised to carry on regardless. This is beyond Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. Chemically-induced slavery has arrived.

Michael Corry M.D.
Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

Psychiatric Induced Madness

From: http://www.depressiondialogues.ie/custom20/
In The Cuckoo's Nest
This is a shocking, powerful piece of writing, whether you've never been inside a psychiatric hospital or you have. The writer spent several years in and out of such hospitals. Here is her raw and honest account of her experience. It begins on Friday 1 September 1995

The reason I haven't written for so long is because I've spent the last month in hospital, upstairs in the crazy ward. The first week I tried to do a legger, there was only one nurse on, most of the nurses were on their break and someone had forgotten to lock the door to the ward. What I was wearing didn't really look like pyjamas, it was just a long T-shirt and a pair of leggings and because I had been admitted on such short notice I didn't have any slippers so they allowed me to keep my shoes. When the nurse wasn't looking I grabbed my wallet and ran out of the ward. When I got downstairs I hid in one of the toilets (the ones that nobody uses) for ages in the hope that everyone would think I was gone and give up looking for me. Eventually I ran and I was nearly at the door when my doctor and 2 male nurses from the ward walked around the corner, they had been looking for me and obviously hadn't given up. I nearly died. I tried running the other way but because I was so drugged I didn't get very far. The 2 male nurses ran after me, grabbed me, got my arms and pinned them to my back, up around my shoulder blades. It was really sore but I did kick one of them where it hurts which was so satisfying! I was dragged up to the maximum security part of the locked ward kicking and screaming and then drugged even more. They left me there for 5 days. I got 2 sessions of abreaction which is where they put you under a sort of anaesthetic thing, it's like being drunk and then I was asked all these questions about my past and stuff like that. Last Monday I tried to hang myself in the shower but I got caught so I was put back in the maximum security unit again and left there until I was discharged yesterday, I had no choice, I had to go because my VHI has run out again because I've been in that bloody place for 6 months this year. So basically I'm screwed again. They reduced my medication when I left so now I'm on Seroxat (antidepressant), Xanax (tranquilliser), Sparine (sedative thing, I think) and Rohypnol (sleeping tablets) but I'm still kind of like a zombie.

Tuesday 6 February 1996
I'm back in the lunatic asylum again. My life is so crap.

Wednesday 7 February 1996
Well, naturally I'm still here in the mad house. I saw the doctor this morning and they're going to start me on Lithium. Great, I'm a manic-depressive, another thing to add to my list of shit.

Thursday 20 March 1996
I'm still in the mad house. I'm still getting ECT, I've had six sessions so far. I'm having another one tomorrow and I think it might be the last one but I don't believe anything the doctors are saying. OK, the truth about my first ECT (1) . I was brought downstairs with the two other "ECT victims". Nearly everyone who sees you walking downstairs at 8.30 in the morning in your pyjamas knows where you're going. When I was in the last time we used to see them going down and people used to slag them and make jokes about them behind their backs. Now I am one of them. To make things worse, when you are brought back up to the ward afterwards, you are brought up in a wheelchair with 'ECT' painted in big black letters on the back of it.

The first time I went down I started to panic; I was so scared. I kept saying to the nurse "I don't need this, I'm OK, bring me back to the ward. Please" but she just grabbed my arm and told me to stop being ridiculous, that ECT was the only way I'd get better and out of the hospital. When we were waiting in the waiting room I was getting more and more nervous and when they finally brought me into the room where they perform the ECT, I freaked. It was a horrible room with all this weird-looking equipment. The doctor that was there and, I think, it was two nurses, had to hold me down (if they needed all of them to hold me down then I can't be as thin and undernourished as they keep being told I am - they're all liars). I kept pleading with them to stop but they wouldn't listen, and then I felt the needle going into my arm and I knew that was the anaesthetic. I opened my eyes as wide as I could and willed myself to stay awake but it was no use.

I felt like an animal, it was one of the worst experiences I've ever been through. The next thing I knew, I was waking up in the 'recovery room' and I felt really sick and I had a splitting headache. It's not helping me, I don't feel any better, I still wish I was dead. I'm just dying to get out of this place so I can just end all this torture.

Two or three weeks ago I did something really stupid, I am cringing now when I think about how pathetic and stupid I was. One night I felt really down and depressed so I searched through my stuff looking for something sharp so I could slit my wrists but I had nothing. I found a plastic bag and it had a warning on it to keep it away from children to prevent suffocation, so being the stupid cow that I am, I put it over my head in the hope of suffocating myself. Of course one of the nurses caught me and I was dragged kicking and screaming upstairs to the locked ward for serious lunatics. I think I was there for a week but I'm not sure and I don't remember much of it, thankfully, because they seriously upped my medication so I wasn't really in the land of the living (I'm still not). I don't know whether it's the medication or if it's because I'm crazy, but most of the time I feel like I'm just floating around the corridors, like a ghost or a spirit or something. I don't feel like me anymore.
Wednesday 24 April 1996 (2)

Well, what a shit week. At the moment I'm lying in bed in hospital (3) but apparently I'm going home tomorrow (well, after I see my psychiatrist, who honestly doesn't give a shit). On Saturday I felt completely shit and took 100 Librium with a can of Budweiser with bleach and a bottle of 'Stain Devil' in it, hence my week in hospital. Dad found me unconscious on my bed; mum called the doctor who then called an ambulance. When I came around they took an oxygen mask off my face and pulled a tube out of my throat. Then I was made drink a bottle of charcoal which was completely disgusting. I've just spent the last hour crying my eyes out. I hate it here. At the moment I'm still feeling suicidal, lonely, depressed, hopeless, afraid, guilty, lost, I feel like I'm down a black hole and there is no way of getting out, I feel as if I'm trapped in some kind of 'world' where the only feeling is misery, there's no light, everything's in darkness, deep inside I'm falling apart. I'm trapped. There's no way out...

Saturday 5 September 1998
I sort of flipped again today because of all the shit in my head. I cut my wrist this morning. None of the nurses noticed. When I flipped the duty doctor was called up and he wrote me up for an extra 50mg of Melaril. I was told I was 'disphoric' by one of the doctors today. Of course they wouldn't tell me what that means.

Sunday 6 September 1998
I'm pretty zonked from the medication. They noticed my wrist and all the nurse said to me was that I was being ridiculous and stupid, and then he told me to hide it and go down to breakfast. Dear God, sometime maybe you will free me from this horrible, cruel world.

Friday 11 September 1998
Everything I write here will probably not make sense because I'm drugged out of it. (4)

Sunday 13 September 1998
I'm still bombed on tablets. I'm too confused to write anymore.

Tuesday 15 September 1998
I'm zonked but I'll try and write anyway. This morning I was lying on my bed... Oh God, I'll have to write again later because I'm not able to make sense.

LATER... This morning I was lying in bed and mum came to visit me. I went to sit up and talk to her but she said "don't get up, lie back down and talk to me", so I did. I was talking to her for a little while but then I noticed that she wasn't answering me anymore so I sat up and she was gone. I ran down the ward looking for her but I couldn't find her so I asked one of the nurses where was she. The nurse looked at me strangely and said that my mum hadn't been in to see me at all today. She was right, because mum rang me and I asked her had she been in and she said no. I must be going mad if I'm seeing and talking to people who aren't actually there. My head is obviously screwed up completely.

Monday 21 September 1998
Oh God, they just weighed me and they have decided that if I lose anymore weight I'll be on bed rest — which means not only are you confined to bed but you are not allowed visitors, telephone calls, showers and loads of other things.
Tuesday 22 September 1998
They weighed me this morning and I was up a pound but I had purposely drank loads of water and put batteries, money and a bottle of nail varnish in my dressing gown pockets, so I'm not on bed rest, thank God. One of the nurses was giving out to me today about my eating and she said that the other day she was trying to wake me up for lunch but I was too weak to get up. I don't remember that. Everybody is getting annoyed with me because I keep repeating myself but its because of the medication.

Friday 25 September 1998
I'm on bloody bed rest just because I lost three pounds since Tuesday. I had drunk loads of water before getting weighed but my weight was still down. I don't understand why they would put someone as fat as me on bed rest. They only want me to get fatter.

Tuesday 29 September 1998
Dinner is over now but the battle has only started. One of the nurses brought my dinner to me, threw it at me and said "Eat that, all of that". Then she said it was a waste of time me being here, because I'm on bed rest I should be eating more! I don't think so! She said I might as well be at home. I was weighed and I've lost two pounds since I was on bed rest. Ha! I'm winning the battle (just about). I think the nurses have given up on me and food.

Notes: 1 Before this, in a 'paranoid' state, I believed that the nurses were reading my diary and so I always wrote what I thought they would want to read.
2 Two or 3 weeks after being discharged from the psychiatric hospital.
3 General hospital, not psychiatric
4 Due to the medication, I was unable to concentrate long enough to write a full sentence and when I could, it usually didn't make any sense.

Write your personal opinion on this type of treatment and the effect it has on the human being. Send it to the editor, and let's get some talking going — author

The author has deliberately omitted all names and places, but this is an authentic account of her experience, or a small part of it. If you have an opinion, or have had a similar experience, or you have anything to add, please e-mail editor@depressiondialogues.ie or post to 2 Eden Park, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin
Dublin, Ireland: February 2005

Friday, June 03, 2005

Hide Your Children, the Psychiatrists are Coming

An Orweillian scheme is on course to being enacted in Illinois. The plan is to mandate that all children will be forced to undergo psychiatric screening.

The idea is of course to sell more drugs for Big Pharma and to increase demand for psychiatrists. There is no natural demand for psychatrists from the public. They only exist in the plague like proportions that they do due to government funding.

But now Illinois parents are being forced to confront the psychiatric drugging and shocking menace head on. The well-being of their own children is on the line.

The Illinois Children’s Mental Health Partnership (funded by guess who?) is claiming that one in ten children suffers from a mental illness such as depression and anxiety. I guess that means nail-biting is now a psychiatric disease also. These dreadful, life-threatening diseases obviously need to be treated by expensive Class A cocaine type drugs supplied by Big Pharma and prescribed by their bed-fellow psychiatrists.

And the parents? They are in uproar. Word got out via word of mouth and the internet about what Big Brother (Democrat Gov. Rod Blagojevich) had in mind. Amongst the matters raised by parents were:

1 Why schools don’t stick to schooling instead of social engineering.
2 If the psychiatric profession is unable to define mental illness, then how is it that they can pretend to define mental wellness.
3 Why children should be subject to such a totally subjective process as a psychiatric evaluation with the prospect that if they fail their children are likely to be forcibly medicated with toxic psychotropics.

Patti Bellock (R-Westmont) one of the bill’s original sponsors says that the bill has gone much further than she originally intended. Things do tend to go much further than expected when little girls hang out with a bad crowd Patti... and Big Pharma and the psychs are a very bad crowd indeed.

Commendably Bellock now wants to atone and is sponsoring a new bill which would allow parents to opt in to the service rather than having to try to opt out as they have to under the current proposal.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Policeman Has Blowing the Whistle Disorder

Officer Josh Guay is a policeman in Scarborough USA. He in charge of investigating a 15 year old student pulled in for carrying an assortment of psychotropic drugs.

In an interview Guay said, “Anyone can get prescription pills.” He added that it is “easy” to get a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder.

FDA Complicity

Psychostimulants, such as Ritalin, Concerta, and Focalin, are controlled substances because they are addictive--just like Cocaine.

They are all a variation of a class of drugs called methylphenidates. Like, amphetimines, methylphenidates are central nervous system stimulants...The methylphenidate class of drugs are controlled substances. They act on the brain in the same way as cocaine. These drugs are controlled because they have a great potential for abuse by people seeking to get high and because they can have short and long term deadly side effects.

Why does the FDA approve Class A addictive drugs for use in children and label them as "safe and effective? What is wrong with our regulatory agencies? To take discreet brown envelopes is one thing, to brazenly assist in the physical and mental drug degradation of our children is quite something else.

Who will hold these people accountable?

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Psychiatric Hell


George McGregor

It is easy getting used to being laughed at straight to your face or behind your back. To be blatantly patronised can become more annoying than stressful.

But there is a form of patronising which is a speciality of the psychiatric profession which is a result of the world that we have come to live in. They are becoming increasingly unaware of it, even ignorant that it is a possibility. R D Laing in his book "The Politics of Experience and The Bird of Paradise" did his utmost to expose it but that was in the 60's, 1967 to be exact.

This unconscious patronising combined with an ever increasing obsession with drug treatment goes way beyond causing stress, eventually into the realms of the utmost torture of mind, spirit and even soul.

Imagine faced with a person that often comes over as quiet natured, soft spoken, self assured and confident - the picture of self control. This person these days is usually genuinely caring and concerned. But when it boils down to it hasn't much of a clue about what Mental Illness is, except a conviction that it is very likely Bio-chemical and probably genetically inherited. This is your everyday State Psychiatrist.

If you are considered to be suffering mental illness you must generally have to accept that you are ill before you can hope to get better Furthermore, until it is decided by your Psychiatrist that you are well you must accept that you are ill.

People diagnosed as Schizophrenic, Psychotic and Manic Depressive are nearly all considered to be chronically ill for life and according to the psychiatric profession, will in all probability need lifelong medication.

The Psychiatric profession, this authority which 'knows" best how to help you, has an awesome range of legal power it can quite easily enforce if it is unable to induce submission by threat or coercion when their attempts to reason with someone they consider mentally ill fail.

Estranged, alienated and all alone. It is so easy for mentally ill people to become sectioned, locked-up for indefinite periods, drugged up and as inner-turmoil bites deeper - often drugged even more. There is still in this day and age very widespread use of treatment such as ECT. People who are sectioned can be forced against their will, if necessary, to receive any treatment thought required.

Increasing frustration leads to anger, resentment and even violence. These emotions and reactions combined with intensive inner confusion and turmoil leads to increasingly inappropriate behaviour. Further evidence to Psychiatrists that the person is chronically ill.

To crown all this as such people become increasingly alienated from the psychiatric profession efforts are intensified to convince them that they will not be able to function without medication. Also they must continue to have trust, faith and respect for and in those who are doing their utmost to care for them.

Psychiatry's narrow mindedness, their obsession with drug based treatment and their illusion of one day perfecting it, is in reality spiralling the suffering of the people they so desperately believe they are helping. If there isn't a radical change in their outlook their hospitals will become unimaginable torture chambers.

I doubt very much if Franz Kafka could have ever conceived of such a scenario. After all, truth is stranger than fiction.