Sunday, June 19, 2005

Another Psychiatric Sex Offence

A West Des Moines psychiatrist has been sentenced to two years probabation.

He violated state law by having sex with an emotionally dependent female patient. Gaylord Nordine pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation.

Nordine still faces an ethics charge with the Iowa Board of Medical Examiners. A hearing is scheduled for November.

The patient is also suing Nordine through the civil courts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy is a scumbag of the highest order. He gets continuance after continuance,and a year later still has not appeared before the medical review board. He has a past of such sexual conquests and meanderings,yet always escapes. Sex is the tip of the iceberg...mishandling of drugs,trading drugs for sex,etc. etc. He needs to be put away.

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Update: Dr. Scumbag just got 'another' continuance before the Iowa Medical Review Board. Seems justice is as screwed up as himself.

8:54 AM  
Anonymous A Silent Observer said...

Dear Anonymous,
Sounds to me like "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned." Dr. Nordine is NOT a scum bag, but a well respected leader in his field. He has never done anything to knowingly harm or take advantage of any patient, business associate or friend. The man is above reproach. I can only think you are, in fact
the woman who is trying to ruin him for your own ill gotten gains & that explains why you wish to remain "Anonymous", but why your name has been all over in the paper & online. Your whole case has smacked of set up right from the start. You are not the victim in this only the perpetrator of a farce. Have a nice day Lori Larson & remember slander is illegal.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Jack Black said...

Looks like we may have a cat fight here. Anonymous vs A Silent observer. Take your corners please!!! I have no stake in this but I have to say I know Gaylord Nordine personally & am inclined to agree strongly with A. S. O.

1:12 PM  
Anonymous A Silent Observer said...

Gee Thanks Tom. Your a smart man.

9:30 AM  
Anonymous A Silent Observer said...

OOPPPS Sorry Jack, I meant to thank you not Tom. :-)))

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nordine needs to be put in jail as he is a scum bag - he jeopardized his career, family, wife to name but a few just for a little sexual satisfaction. It seems to me his thoughts should have been on how to help them. I'm aware of someone who due to Nordine losing his license has had to pay out of pocket for all their counseling thousands! He screws up and the patient pays. You think he'll give MONEY back to them?

7:31 PM  
Anonymous A Silent Observer said...

Hey your at it again. Must have lost another job & have nothing better to do. Word on the street from all who have gone before is that YES very little sexual satisfaction!!!!!!

7:55 AM  
Anonymous Jack Black said...

Yea right "A Friend". I know you & have heard it all before. He does not belong in jail, needs to be exonerated from all these falsehoods & be able to practice again, if he choses to. It's a sad world & frightening when things like this are allowed to happen to good people. It's all based on lies.

1:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This in indeed interesting!
Can not think of anything more sinister than a Psychiatrist,through the use of drugs and therapy,taking sexual advantage of a patient? Protest all you want to about what a swell guy he really is...he isn't. This is not a "boy's will be boys" mistake,but an oft repeated move by a devious practitioner.

2:01 AM  
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Anonymous Super Duper Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gaylord Nordine, MD, DPH

Lori L. Larson Case Facts
January 10, 2009

Ms. Lori L. Larson of West Des Moines, Iowa, a former patient, applied to join Doctor Nordine’s Health Information Technology Solutions company in 2002. She was highly qualified so Larson won the position and later became a business partner with unrestricted access to all corporate management processes and intellectual properties.

More than two years later, Larson offered corporate intellectual properties to other companies and established a secret business relationship with a foreign businessman who owned technology companies that were in direct competition. These actions were in clear violation of Larson’s Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

During Larson’s tenure, she secretly and illegally obtained prescription refills through Doctor Nordine’s medical practice. When legally confronted about breeching her NDA, Larson claimed to be a patient based on the illegal prescription refills.

Larson hid the truth so cleverly that Dr. Nordine was forced to plead guilty to Larson’s false charge of concurrent medical and personal relationships. It took more than three years to develop evidence that proves no medical relationship existed and Doctor Nordine should not have been charged.

Legal actions to correct all the records related this case commenced in June 2008.

All physicians and other professionals engaged in knowledge management or related intellectual property based businesses should take note of this precedent setting case.

9:53 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lori L. Larson - some facts:

* She was always smiling and jovial in the office; joking behind the front desk with Dr. Nordine's wife and his kids.

* She traveled on business with him to Europe and took smiling photos with him all over Paris.

* She got excited when his oldest son got engaged, made suggestions about how to propose, and even hand-made a gift for the couple.

* She attended his son's wedding, smiling and happy.

* She acted, whenever possible, as a business partner, family friend, and insider.

As the relationship moved on and it became clear he'd never leave his wife and family, she grew suspicious that he'd made a large business deal without her. She eventually became enraged and decided to hurt him as deeply as possible by attacking his personal integrity, his professional reputation, and his livelihood.

In the process Lori L. Larson has strewn wreckage all around her. She trolls this blog post and others to write horrible things and hurt him more.

To be sure, Dr. Nordine committed adultery with someone for whom he once signed a prescription. He did NOT commit adultery with a recent patient or with someone for whom he acted as psychotherapist or counselor.

He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor rather than face the court on a felony charge because he was afraid and poorly advised. The consequences of that decision have been terrible and unjust, but that's for another day and time.

This story isn't about psychiatry and doctor-patient abuse. It's about a woman attacking her former lover in a manner calculated to hurt him most deeply. And in that way, this story is less salacious than it is standard and boring and sad.

5:07 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

dr. gaylord was my psychiatrist in 1995. After the 3rd visit I refused to be alone with him, but controlling now ex husband told me I had to do everything he (nordine) said. I would only let him see me and prescribe from my therapists office. Terribly controlling. See's patients late at night. He pursued her while married. No moral character. He damaged me, breaking his oath. He violated my HIPAA rights. My marriage ended. I met the girl at a bible study. He knew he was married and she was not the most stable. I had a small party when I found out he'd been caught, finally. No one will ever know the damage he has done, or how many people he made sicker. He should see no patients until completing 2 years of therapy for preditors.

5:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my experience, Gaylord Nordine is indeed a sexual predator. I was a patient of his. While in his "care" he more than once made overt sexual advances upon me and talked about me to other patients who were my friends. I have record of this, as I told a trusted nurse practitioner at another clinic. She urged me to report this incident, but I was too scared. Dr. Nordine also committed insurance fraud and bragged about it. He is a coward.

2:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I’m getting confused by the intermittent notes about penile dysfunction, in the midst of the Gaylord Nordine conversations. Is Gaylord (tee hee hee, the name makes me laugh) in need of penile enlargement, Viagra or both? Or did his use of one or both contribute toward his obvious abuse of his former patients. Or maybe he’s just a dick. I may be confused but apparently not as much as his defenders.

1:28 PM  
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