Saturday, June 04, 2005

Exhibit of Psychiatric Abuse

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights ((CCHR), founded by the Church of Scientology and Dr. Thomas Szasz, has started a Germany wide campaign against the abuses of psychiatry.

The travelling exhibition shows panels with gruesome details of common psychiatric practises.

Why can not more of the groups that oppose the brutal practises of psychiatry organize events like this? There are so many groups and individuals (like myself) pouring their efforts into internet publications. Are we not better to take to the streets in an effort to awaken the general population as to what is happening?

The general population already has a low opinion of psychiatry. I know this as I saw many of the surveys that CCHR did when it ran a similar exhibition in Canberra. One day when the truth is out people will say "why did nobody tell me this was happening?" Maybe it's a valid point. We have to get out on the streets more.

I joined a CCHR protest in Sydney last month and we walked a few blocks waving placards and chanting and all the normal things. Many people along the route broke out into applause. It was really heartening. There are people out there who understand... usually the ones who have had first hand experience of the psychatric system, but not enough.


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