Friday, June 03, 2005

Hide Your Children, the Psychiatrists are Coming

An Orweillian scheme is on course to being enacted in Illinois. The plan is to mandate that all children will be forced to undergo psychiatric screening.

The idea is of course to sell more drugs for Big Pharma and to increase demand for psychiatrists. There is no natural demand for psychatrists from the public. They only exist in the plague like proportions that they do due to government funding.

But now Illinois parents are being forced to confront the psychiatric drugging and shocking menace head on. The well-being of their own children is on the line.

The Illinois Children’s Mental Health Partnership (funded by guess who?) is claiming that one in ten children suffers from a mental illness such as depression and anxiety. I guess that means nail-biting is now a psychiatric disease also. These dreadful, life-threatening diseases obviously need to be treated by expensive Class A cocaine type drugs supplied by Big Pharma and prescribed by their bed-fellow psychiatrists.

And the parents? They are in uproar. Word got out via word of mouth and the internet about what Big Brother (Democrat Gov. Rod Blagojevich) had in mind. Amongst the matters raised by parents were:

1 Why schools don’t stick to schooling instead of social engineering.
2 If the psychiatric profession is unable to define mental illness, then how is it that they can pretend to define mental wellness.
3 Why children should be subject to such a totally subjective process as a psychiatric evaluation with the prospect that if they fail their children are likely to be forcibly medicated with toxic psychotropics.

Patti Bellock (R-Westmont) one of the bill’s original sponsors says that the bill has gone much further than she originally intended. Things do tend to go much further than expected when little girls hang out with a bad crowd Patti... and Big Pharma and the psychs are a very bad crowd indeed.

Commendably Bellock now wants to atone and is sponsoring a new bill which would allow parents to opt in to the service rather than having to try to opt out as they have to under the current proposal.


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