Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Incidence of Mental Disorder

The latest psycho-babble estimates that 46% of Americans will suffer from a mental disorder in their lifetime.

The estimates given for mental illenss seems to be quickly rising. It was 20% last year and then rose to 26% about a month ago. Now it is 46%.

Accoring to these “researchers” the US has more mentally ill than any other country.

Is this guesstimate due to the fact that the pharmaceutical companies find it more convenient to market into the US because of a compliant FDA? Or is it because more people in the US have swallowed the psychotropic drugs that cause mental disorders?

Or maybe it is because the psychs are arriving at these figures by interviewing their own colleagues.

In this Oweillian world in which we live the only sign of major mental illness that I observe emanates from the ranks of the self-serving "Mental Health Profession".


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