Saturday, June 18, 2005

Merck Attempts a Re-Branding

Merck is about to re-launch itself as a caring corporation with the following slogan:
"Merck. Where patients come first."

This delightfully desperate and ridiculously implausible slogan will surely fail in its aim to soothe the public’s fears and growing hostility. The attempt to change the image of Merck and its executives from rapacious and malevolently unprincipled greedy swine, to kindly and contributing members of the human race is too wide a bridge to cross.

Expect to see more unconvincing attempts at image rehabilitation by other members of Big Pharma coming to a television screen or newspaper near you soon.

The pharmaceutical companies that create the horror psychotropic drugs that are the mainstay of the psychiatric industry are in deep trouble. Therefore psychiatry is in deep trouble. Hooray.


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