Friday, June 10, 2005

Mercury in Vaccines

Merck claimed in September 1999 that they had eliminated all mercury from their entire range of vaccines. In fact Merck continued to sell mercury-based vaccines until as late as October 2001.

This came to light when a recent Congressional investigation forced an FDA inquiry into the matter.

But it gets worse. A recently leaked internal memo from Merck shows that the drug giant was concerned about the levels of mercury in some of its vaccines for children.

The date on that memo was 1991. The memo came from a leading vaccinologist and former Senior VP of Merck and clearly highlights Thimerosol as a potential safety hazard.

For TEN years after one of their own scientists and executives had warned them that Thimerosol was dangerous Merck continued to produce and aggressively market the drug.

Can we assume that other drugs produced by Merck and other pharmaceutical companies are produced and aggressively marketed in the full knowledge that they may do more harm than good? Consider the case of Thimerosol, and then consider the case of antidepressants and then you make that decision.

With the FDA acting more like a pharmaceutical cheerleader than a pharmaceutical regulator, the consumers of pharmaceutical products have a lot to worry about.

Each human life has worth, particularly to the person whose life it is. It appears that to Big Pharma and their complicit pushers, as long as not too many people die too obviously from their products, then the dead and damaged are just irrelevant statistics.


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