Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Psychiatric Rape

Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Psychiatrist Ian Martin had regular sex with one of his female patients.

The counsel assisting the Medical Compaints Tribunal said that a DNA sample taken from the woman matched the profile of Dr. Martin and could only have come from sexual intercourse with him.

The woman said that Martin had told her that he had Herpes but that she was not at risk.

Dr. Martin has denied having sex with the woman and said that he could not remember having Herpes. This qualifies Martin for the "Severe Transcranial Dysfuntion" award... otherwise known as Psychiatric Twit of the Week.

Psychiatric peer reviews in Australia do not have a track record of punishing their own no matter the severity of the transgression. They prefer to quietly move them on to another State before the media hears about it.


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