Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Three Day Break

I'm off intestate for three days so psychiatricnews.blogspot.com will be on a break also.
A new posting will be up by Sunday. I shall enjoy meeting and talking with normal, decent people for a while, rather than reporting the nefarious ways of the psychiatric industry.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sir: While I do respect your opinions and rights to publish whatever you wish on your blog, as a young physician, I do wish that occasionally folks like yourself with a (what I believe to be irrational) vendeta against psychiatry would consider that, in fact, while there are certainly sad abuses of "power" that occur in psychiatry, these abuses also exist in every other field of medicine. It is also quite true, as you can easily identify from any scholarly medical journal published throughout the world that psychiatry is of great help to many people. Please do not provide a disservice to your readers by presenting only biased, obviously embittered information. Please recognize that there are ill people worldwide who may fail to get necessary help due to fear of mental health practitioners perpetuated by people like yourself. Be fair to them.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your vendetta against psychiatry is both misguided and hypocritical: as psychiatry continues to make strides towards becoming a mature science, with studies adhering rigorously to the scientific method of investigation, it is you, sir, who is distorting data to suit your goals. Your misrepresentations of psychiatric treatment would not withstand scrutiny by even a modestly educated critic of psychiatry, let alone by any psychiatrists. Not to mince words: You are just another opinion in a world of opinions, and a poorly educated opinion, at that. Please, sir, if you insist on attacking psychiatry, do it responsibly: read a bit, learn from credible sources, know thy enemy, if you must fight.

11:58 AM  

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