Saturday, June 11, 2005

Time For Accountability

The recent and on-going Big Pharma scandels with Vioxx, Bextra, Celebrex, Thimerosol, Zyprexa and others (the list grows weekly) must start to ring alarm bells in even the most intellectually lethargic.

What is sold over the counter as medicine these days is as likely to damage as to cure. Pharmaceutical drug trials have been shown to be, and in all probably still are, a sham. Clinical trials are governed by the need for profit on the one hand, and an extremely cosy relationship with the FDA, the so called regulator, on the other.

The real drug trials are taking place every day in every State and County in every country.

The guinea-pigs are the unwitting general public. When so many die that the numbers cannot be glossed over, when so many crippled survivors or relatives protest so loudly that the chemical apocalypse can no longer be utterly ignored, when things are so bad that even the mainstream media stop showering the public with bread and circuses long enough to make mention of it.... then the FDA responds, and just maybe, if the noise is loud enough and persistent enough, the product is withdrawn.

But what about the needless deaths and suffering? What about the families left without Mothers or Fathers or children? What about all the people whose lives were destroyed and who never even realized that they were part of a drug trial?

Will the pharmaceutical company executives ever be brought to justice for the crimes that they have inflicted on people, people who needed help and who trusted the modern health system?

Will the drug that you or one of your family is taking be the next one to hit the headlines? It is time for honesty and accountability in the area of health... particularly, but not only, in the area of mental health.
Philip Barton


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