Sunday, July 31, 2005

Evelyn Pringle-TeenScreen

An extract from another great article by Evelyn Pringle at:
Subject: TeenScreen

According to Dr Nathaniel Lehrman, MD, former Clinical Director, Kingsboro Psychiatric Center, Brooklyn NY; former Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Albert Einstein and SUNY Downstate Colleges of Medicine. “It is impossible, on cursory examination, or on the basis of the Program's brief written screening test, to detect suicidality or "mental illness," however we define it. Indeed, the fears evoked by the process of seeking out mental illness can create psychiatric symptoms,“

“Searching out those "illnesses," rather than relying on the troubled to seek help for themselves, violates the privacy of those in whom these "illnesses" are sought,” Lehrman warns, “for those youngsters whose screenings supposedly reveal such "mental illness," the major treatment will then be drugs.”

“Aren't eight million kids on ritalin enough” said Dr Lehrman?

Its gotten so bad, that Dr Lehrman notes a need for public awareness of the extent to which the American medical profession is being prostituted by the drug companies, “In no other medical specialty has that prostitution reached the depths it has in my specialty, psychiatry,” he added.


Blogger Concerned Parent said...

Here's a greate site for the truth of what Teenscreen is up to and who is behind it. It almost reads like a Ludlum novel.

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