Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mental Health Advocate Speaks Her Mind

Cruise went after psychiatry, drugs
Debbie Thurman
Family Mental Health Advocacy Monroe, VA.
Posted July 18 2005

I read Mark Hollis' story, "Florida mental health advocates go on offensive to protect patient rights," with interest. I am an advocate for patients, not the failing mental health system nor the pharmaceutical industry. The so-called advocates that Hollis quotes are in the latter category, making the headline for his story ring untrue.
Florida is one of the most notorious states in the Union when it comes to mental health and social abuses. Gov. Jeb Bush has a big mess on his hands, but like his brother in Washington, he is too much influenced by the big pharmaceutical lobby.
"`It's spooky to see the mentally ill being attacked on so many sides right now,' commented Kathleen Hale, president of the South Florida Mental Health Association."
What a bunch of hooey! Tom Cruise didn't attack Brooke Shields or mothers with postpartum depression, who are merely victims caught in Big Pharma's dragnet. Cruise attacked psychiatry and the drug industry. He has created a firestorm that has been long overdue in this country.
I cycled in and out of major depression -- including postpartum depression after the birth of both children -- for a decade; I don't speak in a vacuum. I caution those experiencing depression to be wary of doctors who want to prescribe deadly Molotov cocktails of psychiatric drugs and then cite the withdrawal symptoms when patients want to come off as proof they need more drugs.
I applaud the Florida Legislature for taking a stand against the federal move to turn our schools into mental health clinics, in accordance with the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health. Freedom? Ha! When the people stand up and declare they will no longer be misled and drugged into submission by Big Brother, the momentum of the war will have shifted to the right side.


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