Friday, July 15, 2005

Psychiatry Takes Over

Lifted from the Salt Lake Tribune yesterday. :-o)
Psychiatry takes over

The debate about psychiatry having no science to back it up certainly makes for some interesting reading. But I can't imagine why psychiatrists are so touchy about all this.

Years ago they got the government to decree that they were the only ones who understood and know how to fix mental problems, so we could all stop wasting time finding solutions. They've done such a good job the public is wildly enthusiastic, the proof being that every citizen in America wants a psychiatrically rehabilitated criminal moving in next door. Their success with child molesters and rapists is legendary. We all want one dating our daughter and teaching our kids.
In the last 40 years, psychiatry-directed learning models have taken our school systems to new levels of achievement and safety.

Employers everywhere are looking for people who have achieved the level of honesty, competence and social grace which mind-altering drugs bestow. Taxpayers cheer the wise use of excess budget dollars which support all this for our benefit.

Altruism lives. Somewhere. I hope.
Michael Pech, Salt Lake City


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