Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Real War on Drugs

The Real War on Drugs
The real War on Drugs that is being raged is a war between the Pharmaceutical companies and free people everywhere.

At the moment the government and media are on the side of Big Pharma. They have been staunch allies for decades. Many politicians and most media accept money and ‘gifts’ from Big Pharma.

The psychiatrists are the primary (but not only) pushers of Big Pharma’s dodgy drugs. The psychiatrists are supported by various so called mental health consumer groups. Both psychiatrists and the ‘mental health consumer groups’ are completely in the pocket of Big Pharma to the extent that they would not exist without the massive direct funding, ‘bonuses’ and overseas ‘conferences’ doled out to them by Big Pharma.

Real medical drugs are not all bad, sometimes they are life saving. No one in their right mind would object to drugs per se. But the philosophy being incrementally thrust upon us by Big Pharma, and supported by government legislation , that we all need to be on drugs all the time to be healthy (compliant) is INSANITY.

The Merck case (providing it isn’t successfully appealed) is the tipping point that will stop this evil in its tracks. Thank God for democracy and the jury system. Big Pharma can and does buy off an awful lot of people, but it obviously still isn’t easy to buy juries in the U.S.A.


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