Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Blog Feedback

Just received the following from a reader of the psychiatric news Blog:
"My friend started experiencing panic attacks a few months ago, and for quite some time has had high levels of anxiety because of some family problems. He lives with his dad who is a raging alcoholic that screams all the time, so this gets pretty stressful for him. For the last few weeks, he’s had a lot of trouble being able to sleep, sometimes not at all. His mom gives him some Lorazepam (like xanax) and that works wonders for him. So he makes an appointment with his dad’s doctor, and MD, and he goes to his appointment. The doctor barely listens to him and writes him a prescription for Zoloft. My friend expresses concern about the side effects of SSRIs, and the doctor said “Don’t worry about it, you’ll be fine.”
"My friend wasn’t so naïve as to just start popping Zoloft for his problems, so he sought a second opinion from his mom’s doctor. She half-listened to him as well and wrote him a prescription for Paxil. He’s getting pretty desperate at this point because he hasn’t been sleeping at all, so he tries one of the Paxils.
"And he doesn’t sleep very well, though he manages to fall asleep a little bit. And during the night, he has nightmares, which he says he never has. The next day he lost his cellphone, but couldn’t find it anywhere. He’s had that same phone for probably 3 years now. He then got very very uncharacteristically angry once he couldn’t find the phone. After all this, he decided SSRIs weren’t for him and he stopped taking them.  It’s possible that those things were all unrelated, but my friend doesn’t think so!"

Your friend is one of the lucky ones who put two and two together. The solution of course is for your friend to remove himself from the source of his upsets and stress. Move. There is always an alternative.


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