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The Constant Gardener

Hollywood Shakes Up Politics & Big Pharma: Constant Gardener Gaines Grassroots Support
Posted by DrBettyMartini on Friday September 9, 2005 at 6:27 pm MST
National Coalition of Organized Women

From Laboring Women to Labor Unions, we move as one

For Immediate Release September 10, 2005 phone: 917 804-0786 Contact: Eileen Dannemann, director


Hollywood Shakes Up Politics & Big Pharma

The Constant Gardener Gains Grassroots Support

Eileen Dannemann, the director of the National Coalition of Organized Women, announced today that NCOW is administrating an initiative to fire up the grassroots networks to promote the new blockbuster hit movie, The Constant Gardener. Grassroots lobbyists are hitting the streets and the members of Congress with flyers and materials urging everyone to run out ASAP to see the movie about Big Pharma and Tessa, the little engine that could.

Alluding to AIDS is very subtly handled in the movie

Tessa, (Rachel Weisz) a grassroots activist in Africa, married, ever so romantically, to diplomat husband played by Ralph Fiennes finds out that GKS (or whatever the acronym was in the movie) is testing unapproved, dangerous drugs on the African population and hiding the adverse reactions, burying the unfortunate victims. “It is interesting, how the movie starts off early on alluding to AIDS, says Ms. Dannemann.. “Most people might miss the subtle reference that is why I point it out,” she comments.

In 2004 Congress passed Project Bioshield giving unfettered authority to the Dept. of Defense to mandate the vaccination of military and civilians

Last year the Congress passed Project Bioshield, giving the Dept. of Defense (DOD) and the Dept. of Human Health Services (HHS) unfettered authority to declare a national emergency, whether real or “potentially” real. The authorization gives the Secretaries of these agencies broad authority to mandate use of untested, unlicensed and unproven biodefense vaccines on both military and civilian personnel. Based on the “potential” that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction the DOD used that authority, declared a potential emergency (which is still in effect), and forced the untested ANTHRAX vaccine (Gulf War Syndrome) on the military population. (

Project Bioshield II, currently on the Senate calendar, is an audacious protectionist legislation for Big Pharma at an incomprehensible scope.

Senators Hatch (Utah), Lieberman (Conn.) and Brownback (Kansas) have constructed a voluminous, comprehensive 157 page bill (S.975) that gives big Pharma congressional protection and privileges such as special patent and liability protection, anti-trust and visa exemption and special tax incentives, etc. “Who can read it…or better yet…who wrote it”? asks, Ms Dannemann. “It is obvious that these three Senators get a lot of help from Big Pharma”, comments Ms. Dannemann.

The Tessa Pledge will vote out of office any Representatives who back Big Pharma against the people.

The Grassroots effort establishes the TESSA PLEDGE, named after the lead character in the movie that, with the complicity of the diplomatic core, was ruthlessly killed by Big Pharma. The Tessa Pledge goes like this, “I will do everything I can to remove from office any Representative who sponsors this bill or any other bill that uses taxpayer money to fund and protect Big Pharma”.

Testing unapproved drugs is happening right here in the United States

Ms. Dannemann warns that Big Pharma is testing drugs on our children and elderly right here in the United States with experimental AIDS cocktails to foster children. ( And GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), for example, introduced Fluarix, a flu vaccine -- an investigational new drug (IND) that has not been licensed in the United States. HHS has bought 1.2 million doses with taxpayer dollars. “Many of the elderly and parents are seeking Thimerosal (Mercury)-free flu shots. I would beware of being enlisted as an experimental subject for Fluarix as an alternative”, warns the director of NCOW.

An entire generation has been damaged by the Childhood Vaccine program

For the past twenty years the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) mandated the injection of the nation’s children with high levels of mercury in the early childhood routine immunization program. “An entire generation of our children received 22 of these vaccines by the time they were two years old. The result is that nearly 20% of the children entering school today have Autism, ADD, ADHD, hyperactivity, depression, inability to cope, and are being prescribed psychiatric drugs like Ritalin, Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac, Zyprexia, Wellbutin, Adderall, etc.”, cites Ms. Dannemann ( And now we find out that the kids such as those involved in the Columbine killings, Chris Pittman at the age of 12 (who shot his Grandparents and burned down the house) and a vast number of suicide victims were on these medications. “8 million children are on psychiatric drugs, today”, She cites, (

Teen Screen and the New Freedom Commission is a marketing tool by the drug interests using our public schools as a marketing medium.

In the last session, the Congress approved the presidential executive order to fund a program that would screen all America’s children for mental illness. This year the New Freedom Commission will survey, diagnose, label, report and force school aged children into the arms of health professionals who routinely prescribe these dangerous medications. “Teen Screen must be stopped”, demanded Ms. Dannemann. “Most of the symptoms of these children are mercury poisoning. Rather than pointing the finger at the real problem (the 20 years of injecting our children directly in the arms 22 times with mercury), the government agency administrators mask their complicity and, instead, dumb down our children by facilitating the use of more drugs for the industry to profit from. Our youths go kill somebody or hang themselves on a hook in the laundry closet (…And we wonder why? Who is being held responsible, Ms. Dannemann asks. “The New Freedom Commission, Teen Screen program is a marketing tool by drug interests initiated by President Bush (and unsuccessfully by his father before him). This program has been sanctioned by Congress. It has unfettered use our public schools as a marketing medium. “It must be stopped by parents before it gets a foot hold” insists, Ms.Dannemann.


“It is well established that the drugs used to treat a mental disorder, for example, may induce long-lasting biochemical and even structural changes [including in the brain], which in the past were claimed to be the cause of the disorder, but may actually be an effect of the treatment.” Further, “it is now difficult to find mental patients who have not had a history of drug treatment, and as a result many of the brain abnormalities found in these patients are probably iatrogenic [doctor/treatment caused], that is, produced by the treatment rather than being the cause of the disorder.”
Dr. Elliott Valenstein, Ph.D.


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