Monday, September 05, 2005

Katrina and the Mental Health Opportunists

When decent people see the effects of hurricane Katrina they are horrified at the destruction wrought by nature. But where we see a terrible natural disaster, the mental health industry will see a wonderful opportunity. The mental health industry is just that, an industry. As an industry it seeks to ever expand its market share. It even refers to the people caught up in its system as 'consumers'.

Those who have suffered material loss to the hurricane will be upset, who wouldn't be? Those who have lost the lives of their loved ones will be distraught and overcome with grief, again who wouldn't be? But let us get it straight right now, before we are inundated by the orchestrated wails for more money to be poured down the mental health waste hole, the victims of Katrina are not mentally ill.

The victims of Hurricane Katrina have suffered too much at the hands of nature to be further victimised by the grasping hands of 'mental health' opportunists.


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