Thursday, September 29, 2005

Merck (pronounced Muck) in the Dock

Medical statistics expert Richard Kronmal testified last week on behalf of postal worker Frederick Humeston, 60, of Boise, Idaho who survived a 2001 Vioxx induced heart attack.

"They had evidence that they were potentially killing people and they let that go on for another two years, to 2003 ... To me, that was scientific misconduct," Kronmal told the jury last Thursday.

Merck are well aware that this is a tip of the iceberg trial with lawyers holding their breath all over the world. If Merck lose the Vioxx case they will be buried under an avalanche of litigation for their antidepressants. When that happens it opens the floodgates of litigation on the whole of Big Pharma and on the psychiatrists who unconscionably fronted for them.


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