Friday, September 09, 2005

The Mind Game

Once our schools were safe havens in which our children could thrive and learn. Today, school campuses are commonly the playground for drug dealers, pornographers, Satanists and constant youth violence. Millions of children are daily drugged up because they have been diagnosed 'mentally ill'.

Phillip Day's new book is The Mind Game. In it, the British political and health researcher poses his central, awesome question: "What on Earth is going on?"

In the Part 1 of this extraordinary new book, Phillip Day leads the reader through the tumultuous social and political upheavals of the past 200 years and identifies the common themes.

He shows, with stunning, contemporary research, how an ancient plan to change the very building blocks of our civilisation has been carefully executed around us without the consent of a dumbed-down global citizenry seduced with bread and circuses.

At first glance, most would not even acknowledge the incredible changes psychiatric and psychological theories have wrought in the way we have come to view ourselves and those around us. Yet we witness in the starkest hues how these pernicious doctrines, by the admission of leading psychiatrists themselves, have permeated our courts, our police departments, our hospitals, our entertainment industry, our school playgrounds, our governments and even our homes with catastrophic effects.


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