Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Psychiatry-World Watch

Psychiatry in Action in Turkey

A human rights report just released shows that Turkey’s psychiatric hospitals are just as riddled with horrific abuses as those in the rest of the world.

The report found that electroshock is used as a form of punishment on children as young as 9, as well as adults.
The report quotes a 28-year-old electroshock patient at the Bakirkoy Psychiatric Hospital as saying, "I felt like dying."

"If we use anesthesia the ECT won't be as effective because they won't feel punished," the report quotes the ECT center's director as saying. (at least you have to give the Turkish psychs credit for honesty)

The report describes patients being dragged to electroshock therapy in straitjackets and forcibly held down by staff during the procedure. Others, it said, are told they are simply going to be X-rayed.


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