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This Blog was established in February of 2005 due to my frustration at the paucity of information on the criminal acts perpetrated by some within the psychiatric establishment against the mentally ill. What was, and is still happening in some places, are crimes against humanity which will one day be answered for.

Things have changed. The mainstream media have decided to write about what is happening and what has happened. Back in February I had to scour the world for articles that dared to expose the abuse of the mentally ill by psychiatrists. Now I am inundated with stories from all over the world and from readers of the psychiatricnews Blog. In my own mind the change came with Tom Cruise having the courage to stand up on prime time US television and tell it how it was. The fact that many psychiatrists and neurologists came out of the woodwork and supported what he said was a revelation to the media.

From having to work really hard to establish one article a day I suddenly had enough material from the mainstream press, never mind the alternative and internet press, to fill a web-site, let alone a Blog. Even the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, the world’s premier children’s rights body, came out against the false labelling and psychiatric drugging of children this week.

I am a busy man with two businesses, a family and many charitable causes to support. I do not believe that the reason I established the Blog is still valid. Psychiatry stands exposed today for all to see as a wretched, brain-obsessed, self-interested group who for a hundred years have terribly abused and violated the Human Rights of the mentally ill. There were and are of course many honourable and courageous exceptions who fought and still fight the injustices from within psychiatry itself.

Psychiatry can no longer hide behind the veil of media indifference. Their crimes are now in the light for all who care to see. The public who still don't get it were never going to read my Blog anyway. The cruel and inhumane deeds of psychiatry could never stand the light of public exposure. Thus it is the beginning of the end for psychiatry as it has been. And so this is my last entry.
Thank you
Philip Barton 4/10/05


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There is a lot of great information on your blog -- thank you! I'm going to add some links to it from some of my sites.

People interested in more data on the crimes of psychiatry (and where to get help) can visit http://www.psychiatric-help.org .

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p.s. The link, properly coded, is:



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