Monday, December 12, 2005

ECT Under Fire From Psychiatrists

It's no good, I can't stay away. I have just returned from a five week trip around the world. During this trip I stopped over in Europe where I met with a psychiatrist who is organising a push from within the ranks of psychiatry itself to have ECT completely banned. 2006 will be a big year in the world wide drive to bring psychiatry not only back under the constraints of the legal system, but back into the ranks of those who pay heed to common decency. More news in the months to come


Blogger Tom said...

Welcome back.

Although as you said in your "final" post several months ago, the mainstream media is beginning to pick this up and run with it, "the power of the blog" has yet to be fully realized and it is guys like you, me and those much more serious about it that often bring these stories to the forefront.

I hope you plug away at it even if sporadically. The battle isn't over yet.

4:03 PM  

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