Thursday, December 22, 2005

Happy Christmas

And now, yet once more, the Christmas season is upon us. We congregate in our homes with our families around us and contemplate the good fortune of our lives. We send and receive best wishes to and from our many friends around the world, and generally we are at peace with the world. Three of my sons and my one daughter are at home this year. My children range from 39 down to 7 (my daughter is the youngest). Truly it is a good time as I love my family more than words could express... thus, Happy Christmas.

But do spare a thought and resolve to do something about the hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, around the world who are not so fortunate. Those who are forcibly incarcerated in the prisons for the ‘mentally ill’ mockingly called “health facilities”. Those who are daily drugged and electroshocked into submission. The terror and totally unnecessary misery of their lives caused entirely by the Nazi dogma known as bio-psychiatry will not be much improved by a slice of turkey on their plate. Christmas is not a time of peace and good will for all people.

Please resolve to write a letter or two to your local politician and your local paper, or even start your own Blog. Become educated about the subject, about precisely what bio-psychiatry is and what it inflicts upon its victims. We live in an age of mass information. Take advantage of it. You can do something about this. We all of us can do something about anything that we wish to. It does take some effort, yet that effort is as much for our own good as it is for the incarcerated.

It is only individual people who can change things. Are you just a chemical soup without any individuality or consciousness as bio-psychiatry proclaims? ... or are you an individual?

Happy Christmas and have a great New Year


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