Monday, January 02, 2006

Psychiatry-The Museum of Death

I have been asked to do some work for The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) in my home town. I have agreed. CCHR was set up by Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry Dr. Thomas Szasz and The Church of Scientology back in 1969 (or thereabouts).

I saw a DVD on NYE about the new Museum of Death exhibition opened by CCHR in Los Angeles. It features graphic photographs and film (many never before published or shown) of psychiatry in action.

International, Federal, State and local politicians attended and were gob-smacked by what they had witnessed... and said so to the cameras. Some were visibly upset about what had been happening to the victims of psychiatry unbeknownst to them.

One dignitary (can’t remember who) made the point that people sometimes asked why the Church of Scientology were so concerned about psychiatry. His response to this was that it was the wrong question, and that why more people weren’t concerned was the real question. Are you concerned?

If you want to help then ring your local branch of CCHR. I have been around this anti-psychiatric scene for a while, and CCHR is the ONLY organisation that has gets results. Many of the organisations (and there are dozens) are well meaning and try, but lack the expertise or the commitment to get the job done. Psychiatrists are well funded. CCHR is committed and in my opinion is the most worthwhile group around in the area of Human Rights. If you’re thinking about it and need some convincing still, then go and see the exhibition in LA... Psychiatry-The Museum of Death. That will convince you big time. We might even get to meet Tom Cruise!


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