Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Psychiatric Therapy

Psych pressured patient to invest in high-tech company during “therapy” sessions

(I-Newswire) - Dr. Michael Dietrick surrendered his license to practice psychiatry after the California Medical Board’s investigation found him guilty of two counts of Gross Negligence and one count of Negligence.
Among the many crimes Dietrick was found guilty of, it was discovered that during therapy sessions, Dietrick pressured his victim into investing over $150,000 in a company that the psychiatrist worked for as a consultant.  Dubbed the “Matrix Director”, Dietrick helped write the business plan for the company that he was coercing his patient to invest in.
When the victim complained to the CA Medical Board, Dietrick sent a threatening email pressuring for a withdrawal of the suit.  In the email, Dietrick threatened to have the victim arrested and that the victim’s family would be, “drawn into it” and “a lot of bad things will become public”.
The victim, Steve Peter, said, “The therapy…it had me going sideways.  The [12} step AA program helped me resolve the problems.”
One of the charges Dietrick was found guilty of was Grossly Negligence.  Dietrick prescribed an addictive benzodiazapine drug ( Loazepam ) to the victim who was a recovering substance and alcohol abuser.  The Medical Board stated in its report that, “addiction prone individuals should be under careful surveillance when receiving Lorazepam.  The report shows Dietrick failed to keep any patient notes or charts during the 2 years of their involvement.
Dr. Karl Hoffower, President of the S.F. Bay Area Chapters of CCHR said, “Our investigation of Psychiatrists finds they routinely commit fraud and abuse.  That Dietrick misused his position of authority should not be surprising.  Dietrick bilked Mr. Peters of $24,000 and prescribed dangerous drugs.  This is just another example of what the pseudo-science called psychiatry is about: money and drugs”


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