Friday, March 31, 2006

Psychiatric Pervert Dies

Psychiatrist pervert Dr William Kerr from North Yorkshire died this week.

Over a twenty year period Kerr indecently assaulted at least sixteen women. Eventually his name was removed from the medical register and put on the sex offender register where he joined the ranks of many other psychiatrists. The numbers of psychiatrists on the sex offenders register is expected to grow considerably over the coming years as they are hunted down one by one. Those victims who were prepared to come forward were awarded £300,000 in compensation between them in 2003.


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Strictly speaking, his name wasn't "removed" from the medical register. He was allowed "voluntary erasure", much to the anger of his patients who had been abused. Michael Haslam, the other York psychiatrist who sexually assaulted his patients, was also allowed voluntary erasure from the medical register rather than face an inquiry from the GMC. Last summer a committee of inquiry into why these two psychiatrists had been able to continue abusing patients for over twenty years, even though many people knew what they were doing, finally produced their report. It was nearly a thousand pages long and cost over three million pounds. Sixty-seven women who had been abused by Kerr came forward. It also emerged that the first allegation against him dated back to 1964, when he was working in Northern Ireland. He had persuaded a young patient to have sex with him in his car as "part of her treatment". The hospital authorities told him to go and work in England. There is a good article about Kerr and Haslam here:

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