Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sex Beast Psychiatrist is Out of Jail

From the U.K. Sunday Mail
16 April 2006
EXCLUSIVE Judges slash attacker's sentence
By Charles Lavery
A SEX attacker psychiatrist has been freed by the appeal court after serving just seven months for an assault on a teenage girl.

Judges reduced Darren Holdsworth's sentence from three years to 13 months.

Because he had already served seven months in prison - more than half his sentence - he is now a free man.

Holdsworth faces a disciplinary hearing before the General Medical Council. But he could avoid being struck off because the offence was not related to his work.

Holdsworth persuaded the young woman to live with him then virtually starved her so she looked more child-like.

During one humiliating attack he thrashed her with a wire coat-hanger and committed a degrading sex act.

Holdsworth was jailed in November 2002 by Lord McEwan at the High Court in Edinburgh for three years, with a two-year supervision order to follow.

But just seven months later, Holdsworth was freed pending an appeal against his sentence.

He then committed a sickening attack on a mum-of-one in a Glasgow bar. He was convicted but not jailed.

Holdsworth's appeal over the first offence was heard by Lords Osborne, Macfadyen and Marnoch. They have not yet released reasons for their decision.

Detectives found disturbing and violent pornography in Holdsworth's flat.

A police insider said: "The material was so sick that he was put down as a potential offender in the highest risk category."

When he was freed on bail pending his appeal, his victim said: "If I'd known he would receive such a paltry sentence I would never have put myself through the ordeal of the justice system."


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